Tuesday, June 20, 2006

I've been sick :(

Yep, thats right i have been having a shocker, and true to Pate form not just an ordinary sickness!! I ended up in hospital last tuesday with pericarditis ( inflamation of the hearts outer lining) - pretty impressive I think!

Poor Justin had to have a week off work to look after me cause I just couldn't get out of bed. It was just yukky, I have a few weeks before I will be fully well again but I cerainly feel better than last week.

Have been lucky to have a heap of scrap/stamp work my way - which is brilliant cause I am no longer working at the shop in wamberal. I love the commissioned stuff, I can do it around my family which is just brilliant so keep a look out in SM and Stamping and Papercraft and Cardmaking and Paperscraft. So loving stamping at the moment, I find it really weird that I found "sucess" in the scrapping world first, cause I am sooooo a stamper before a scrapper!

Anyway, I am off to cairns tomorrow to visit my bestie, Helen - Yipee. I think the sunshine is going to do a work of good.

The photos of the kids are from when we were visiting Justin's parents at their farm oer easter! So cute!

Talk soon