Tuesday, February 27, 2007

I've been creating :)

So, i didn't quite make the seven day challenge to blog everyday? But I have been blogging so at least that is better than not at all.

I HAVE been creating though, seems I am finally in the swing of things again which is really nice.

WE all went to the dentist yesterday which was POOEY. I didn't have to have anything done for a change but poor Lil has to go back and have some work done on one of her "big girl" molars, I feel sick at the thought of it. She has some kind of weird "enamalation" it is cause by her tooth not forming correctly in her gum, probably from a high temp or something. Anyway it isn't good and ther have to drill it away and cover her tooth with silver until she is old enough for a crown.

I still have memories of work I had to have done as a young child and I am going to be hard pressed to keep it together for Lilli - anyone know some good bribes????

Still house hunting, we found a beeautful house on the weeked and are waiting to here back from the owners who are being PAINFUL with regards to negotiation - I think they think they are playing hardball, they havn't met Justin yet!

Anyway, Liv is having a tantrum beside me cause I gave her hand a smack ( she keeps pressing the esc key ) Better go and give her some loving!

Love Lisa

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Yukky Toilets :(

LOL - the joys of house hunting! No we arn't moving yet, we might not even move but we are looking for another house for an investment ( or perhaps to live in! ).

I went to inspect a house today, hmmmmm, the agent said "it may be a little messy, they didn't tidy it before they left this morning" Well that has got to be the BIGGEST understatement of the year so far. It was a PIGSTYE, I am not talking a little messy it was disgusting. The worst part was the toilets ( all three of them) with big poo "sliders" on all of them - EWWWWW to much info?????? I wanted to vomit. LOL - needless to say there will be no offers from us on that one!

Had the pleasure of visiting on of my best mate jackie today, some people are just so genuine and so real it is a joy to be around them, that is Jac. Love her to bits.

Hope your day has been great! off to get my little sweeties to bed.

Love Lisa

**BTW** I have starting spreading a little "warm and fuzzies" around my friends blods, so if you get a strange "I love you post" it's just me ! LOL

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

I can't think of a clever title!

LOL - I guess that is what happens when you start blogging every day ;)

Another day, girls went to dancing this arvo - thankfully no tears from Lilli and Liv shook her booty again.

Jere is off to camp tomorrow and he is so excitied and I am just trying to work out how to get three kids to three different destinations all at the same time, without Lilli melting down cause Jere won't be at school :( Should be interesting.

There is really nothing else exciting going on here today? House semi tidy, dinner cooked, kids tired and happy??????

I will leave you with some piccy's with my mum and dad and the kids.

Love Lisa

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

My baby

My cheeky baby - Livinia. She is turing four in march and I just can't believe how big she is, I am excited and sad all at the same time.

We spent a lovely day together today, playing at the park, swimming in our pool and just hanging out. Although I spend most days with her, I don't "hang out" with her much :(. She is easy ( well if you let her lose on nick Jr and give her free time on your computer!) and just kind of plods through the day.

I was getting really frustrated with her only wanting to be on the computer - and let me tell you this three year old can do amazing things! She logs into nick jnr, navigates all the games, types her name ( well LIV anyway) and also likes to delete my emails or open up paint on her own and have a draw. Hmmmmmmmm.

So today we played. I even dragged her toys down to my scrap area. She doesn't play with any of her toys till the big kids get home, so it was nice to see her play on her own and she was nice and close so we chatted about silly things. LIke animals and what words start with what letters etc etc etc. she even told be she loves me more than a porcipine (SP?) LOVE LOVE LOVE HER.

Well I am waiting for Justin to get home so we can go to a local park by the water for a picnic dinner and a wind down. NICE STUFF.

Hope today is treating you well??????

Love Lisa

Monday, February 19, 2007

out of the mouths of babes!

Hi there people!

Well today really the same as any other with a drama thrown in, but if you have read this blog for any length of time - that seems to be my life!

Off to the optometrist for a checkup cause she was concerned with some spots on my eyes, spots still there and she thinks there is more :( on the spot she gets me into the eye specialists and they squish me in. You know that feeling you get when a doctor gets you into a specialist's office the SAME DAY, when normal people can't get in for 6 weeks??? Hmmmmmm...... but to cut a long story short, my eyes are fine and the iritis is a past case and not active which is just fantastic! still have to keep a watch ( ha!) but it is great news.

My beautiful Liv, is such a funny girl. We were putting htem to bed tonight and I asked her about "christians" and I specifically asked her " who do christian's love??" her answer "apples!" ROFL - justin and I were serisouly laughing. Thankfully Lilli set the record straight ;)

So then we started talking about God and Jesus, and asked Livinia "is God in your heart??" and suddenly it struck me that although she answers Yes, she hasn't ever said the Prayer. And if you are a Christain you know what I am talking about!

So we ask her "do you want to pray to Jesus to come and live in your heart?" and she said yes, and I thought I was going to cry and so sweetly she repeated Justins prayer, and that was that. Sooooooooo good, I am still smiling. Such a beautiful thing.

Hmmm, nothing much else. Mum is getting better. I had some wonderful news from a friend today, that made me cry with JOY. Love that. And I know you are reading this special friend and i love you too! :)

Thats enough love for tonight!


Sunday, February 18, 2007

still here !

Ok - I admit totally budget photo! But these cards are in this months "simply stamping and papercraft" and they are on the front cover and they are featured in a section with my bestest buddy Helen! Love that. LOL - I did a sneaky I sent her cards in without her knowing! LOL - she is soooo talented, and so humble, I think she has no idea how talented she is, so I set myself to get her published and the very first stuff I sent in was accepted! LOL very very good stuff :)

So I went to what I thought was my last shift at work, then decided if I could just work one day a week and the occassional sunday, I would be fine. And guess what- It was and I will be working one day a week, which is just awesome for my scrap stash ( and Caths shop!) and I get to rest one day a week whish is awesome for my body!

Talking about my body, I ran into someone today that teaches pole dancing! Yepm, I was very very intrigued and think I might even give it a go! LOL I have a dance background ( taught for a couple of years) and this sounds fun and it isn't hard on your joints and I bet it is bloody funny as well, so I will let you know!

Phew, and I thought I would have nothing to say every day!

Love Lisa

Saturday, February 17, 2007

here again :)

Yep, I am even amazed, trying desperatly to keep this blog up and running. Three days of post's LOL - and you are probably bored ;)

Mum and Dad are in England visiting Kris and Sea and Ruby. Poor mum is sick with a soft tissue infection in her face :( apparently it is very very serious and she is dosed to the eyeballs with medication. Strange illnesses are seriously a common place thing in our family. Kris also has a middle ear infection, so they all sound like they are having a fab time! Not! Hopefully they will all feel better soon.

Mum and Dad actually left last sunday and I have got to say the scene at church was really just bizzare, with people in tears because they were having a break. What is it with people? I am sorry if that is harsh, but I just don't get it. I mean Seriously they are only going to be gone for three weeks people. Being a PK ( pastors kid) has made me a little harsh I s'pose. It all just made me feel totally suffocated, I mean these are MY parents leaving, and MY KIDS grandparents - what is with all the tears? and acting like I should be sobbing?? they are coming back for goodness sake. GRRRRRRRRR

anyway, apart from my PK angst, life is good ;) My scrap room is painted and I am just putting everything back in order. Noice.

See ya tomorrow!

Friday, February 16, 2007

are you shocked???

LOL - I am two posts in two days ( though not yet updates the links).

Nothing is happening here at all today, all the kids are at school and I am so bloody sick with RA I can't do anything. Feel crappy and sore.

But on a positive note, we did buy some paint to paint my NEW scrap room (actually it is the same space just with walls now!) It is a really nice yummy aqua kinda colour. YUMMY. that means my space has to be pulled apart, moved, resorted and put back . GRRRRRRR. Look out ebay. I am determined to sell, give away anything that I don't use or need anymore.

Also bought some nice new linen for out NEW room ( same thing, same space - just has walls now!) lovely choccy brown colours - ahhhhhhhh love love love new linen

BTW - have you checked out the new comp running at LSBS???? Seriousy it is awesome with briliant prizes up for grabs. check it out Here LSBS COMP

I will leave you with a layout, I have been scrapping up a storm and getting into the paint again, Love that.

Thursday, February 15, 2007


Well it seems that i just don't blog like I thought I would, so I am setting myself a challenge to blog every day for the next week??? Sounds crazy? Perhaps, might be a tad boring for you as well!

Cath, has set herself up a blog and it looks amazing so go and check it out! ( when I add the link of course!)

Nothing and everything has been happening here. Jere and Lil have both celebrated birthdays, mum and dad are in England and I have had to leave my job, cause I was just too sick.

But all is not lost, more time to scrap and stamp and generally just be nice to me!

The girls started dancing yesterday and they acted just the way I thought. Liv was ready to go and couldn't wait to get in there and shake her booty, Lilli was much more reserved and had a few tears but she LOVED ballet, so we will be back next week.

I will leave you with some photo's of the girls.