Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Bothers arn't really annoying

LOL - well not when they live in London anyway!

Spoke to my little brother yesterday, nice chat, miss him millions - but thats cool. He might annoy me if he was here anyway! LOL!

He is such a cool muso, getting gig's in London - very very sweet stuff

Here is a link

check him out. It sounds so soulful and deep - not at all like me really. ROFL.

and yes I will tell you all about U2 fiona! but honestly what more can you say but they bloody rock. It was awesome. I don't know how four people can create such an atmosphere and such an amazing sound. LOVE IT!!!!

Saturday, November 18, 2006

General Ramblings

OK - be prepared from some general ramblings and thoughts from my tired brain!

Why is is that nasty people quite often always land on their feet? what is with that? Just once I would like to see some of them land on their bottms!

Why does Livinia like pro-mite? Honestly it is disgusting.

Why does my son lose his bus pass in the last few weeks of term?

How have I been lucky enough in the last year or two, to gather a really cool set of friends who I love dearly! thats You! LSBS girls and SOF girls.

Why aren't the renovations finished yet ? and why has that not made me go totally insane??

Why is my husband reading over my sholder? Very very rude, and he is spell checking at the same time? what the?? (he really is a nice hubby , sending me to england next year!)

Do you think that is enough questions?? I would like some answers please! LOL!

Hmmmm - I don't know what else just feeling tired, getting ready for a crazy december, do you think if I close my eye's it will all happen without me? I mean I love December and Christmas, but we are always too busy with stuff we HAVE to do, I just want to swim at the beach and sleep.

Layout was for the SOF challenge, I like how it turned out, not quite what I had imagined. But the sentiment is there.

Love Lisa


Wednesday, November 08, 2006


**Sigh** thankyou, thankyou, thankyou, to all the wonderful chickies who left a message wishing me a speedy recovery.

I have noted that to gain a certain amount of celebrity and a whole heap of comments on my blog, a good injury is the key! LOL! Seriously thanks so much, in an industry that at times can be bitchy, you have restored my faith.

My arm is feeling much better, just going funny colours with the bruising. I am now dreading the doctor taking the stitch out ( such a chicken) - where are you Michelle when I need you (I owe you a coffee at Borders).

To all who commented about a cover for my blade *yes I know*, but those little things always go missing. I will never ever randomly shove my arm into a bag/tote again.

I don't really know what else to say except I am seriously humbled by everyone who stopped by to leave a comment, or who rang, or PM'd me. You girls rock.

PT - I am the proud owner of the best scrapping injury ever and I don't even want you to try to better me, seriously the celebrity is not worth it! (Love ya x )

Cath - I promise I am not taking a blade of any type with me next year, even though I did get to go shopping instead of work, I was so dazed I can't even remember what I looked at! Thanks for being you, you really are a wonderful friend.

OK I am getting mushy, so I am going to go.

Love Lisa

Sunday, November 05, 2006

the penrith papercrafts festival & why craft knifes are dangerous!

**edited to show you the actual damage!, bruising just starting to come out!**

You really have to excuse my typing tonight, you see i am doing it one handed! Yep there is a story and here it is!

Well, it was day three at the paper festival at penrith and we arrived at the stand nice and early to get ready. It was about 8am and gill, helen and myself were busy getting organised. I needed something from my new AMM little tote, i reached under the desk into the tote and felt a bit if pain. I knew exactly what i had done, i knew i had stuck my arm straight onto my craft knife (with a brand new blade!), i pulled out my arm thinking, bugger where am i going to get a banaid from and to my horror my arm was covered in blood. Hmmmm, in fact it was spurting **not good**.

I managed to get helens attention, without falling on the floor and before i knew it I was surrounded by some very lovely ( and thankfully first aid trained people). They managed to get my arm wrapped and into a sling and the wonderful Michelle took me off to the local doctor. You guessed it, I had managed to hit the artery in my arm (on the underneath side). Ater waiting for an hour so the blood would stop spurting I am now the proud owner of one stitch, a ver deep wound and a very sore arm! I also got a tetnus needle for my trouble!

This post is sooooo long! sorry.

A few quick thankyou's

  • To michelle, for staying with me when they stitched it up
  • To helen, for not passing out beside me!
  • To cath, just for being so understanding
  • To all the LSBS girls who are probably all laughing hysterically now!!! LOL



Monday, October 23, 2006


Yep, thats right I have tickets! Whooooo Hooooooo!

Monday, October 09, 2006

design team announcement

LSBS have just announced their new design team members and i am sooo excited cause my best friend Helen is joining the team! How cool, to have your bestie on the same DT! Whooo Hooo, we are going to have fun.

Check out the fringed photo matt! My beautiful Livinia did it for me! LOL! she snuck away with some scissors and grabbed a piece of cardstock and then presented it to me. Her words were "Look my mummy, I did some work for you, do you love it? do you need it?" WEll what could I say of course I needed it and proceeded to do this layout on the spot. i LOVE it - just because Livinia helped create it. What a clever girl.

We still have one week of the school holidays left, which I love. The kiddies are staying with mum and dad at the moment for a couple of nights so J and I have been enjoying some piece and quiet. We went to dinner last night and to a movie. Did some chirstmas "shopping" today, it is sooo hard to work out what the kids will really really use and enjoy. Hopefully we got it right.

I also got my first assignment back from TAFE today and was happy with a very credible 80%, not bad for a girl who hasn't studied since school.

Thats all really,


Monday, September 25, 2006

Smelly sandwiches

What is it with Boys?? Don't get me wrong I love 'em. I have a husband that I adore, a brother who I think is cool and a Dad who is a legend.

But what is it with 9 year old boys who think that hiding their school sandwiches at the top of their wardrobe ( all 20 of them!) is a good idea??

Let me tell you his room just smelled divine after being locked up for a week while we were on holidays. YUKKY.

Why didn't he just chuck them in the bin? I would have never known.

Anyway, Jere has been banned from playstation for a week and had to move and stack 150 pavers for his trouble over the weekend. Don't think he will be hiding his lunch again.


Thursday, September 21, 2006

Back from the zoo!

I am exhasted so just a real quick post tonight!

Firstly thanks Kim and Mishell for helping to make sunday a brilliant day! You girls rock.

Zoo was wonderful, I took 250 photo's so I probably won't show you them all. I will upload them tomorrow cause blogger seems to be very very slow tonight! Perhaps it is me?? LOL

I probably should have realised that visiting the Zoo wouldn't be Jere's idea of fun? I thought all kids likes the zoo - apparently not. But he did read every single piece of information about the animals so if you want some weird and wonderful facts Jere is the one to ask! LOL.

The girls on the other hand LOVED it, they LOVED all the animals and I was so proud of Livinia she walked just about the whole zoo on those tiny little "chicken legs". Her fav. animal was apparently the otters ( which is totally funny, cause those otters were doing what animals do in spring! making babies!) LOL, we were hysterical.

anyway, I will put some zoo piccy's up later when blogger is being nice!



Tuesday, September 12, 2006

RIP - sandy bunny

What else can I say?? she will be sadly missed in our home and by her remaining sister Sally.

RIP - sandy bunny

another day

Well I have been a bad blogger again, but honestly sometimes life is just more important!

I have some work in this months Stamping and Papercraft! Whoo Hoo - one of my cards even made it to the cover - gotta love that.

Life is pretty normal here. Kids at school (well sorta, lil is come with conjuctivitis - icky), plenty of housework etc etc etc.

One of our bunnies died though this morning, which was so upsetting, I am not even sure why? Poor girls. Luckily I noticed it was on its was to bunny heaven and called the girls over and spoke to them about what I thought was going to happen. So when we got home from taking Jere to school they were prepared and said goodbye. Still is wasn't very pleasent at all, them i had to take the poor thing out of the cage, and it had already started to go stiff! YUKKY! but I did it cause the girls probably would have patted the poor dead thing all day.

Dad is in hospital today getting his shunt thingy out, so hopefully he will be feeling better before we leave for dubbo on monday! YIPEEEEEEE!!!

Thats all I can think of, got to go and organise for a group of kindy kids to scrap! **** read - talk, eat. make a mess and kinda scrap cause they really want to play! LOL****

Thursday, August 31, 2006

I did it!

LOL - Look Kell, I have friends and interesting people on my side bar!

OK - this is the photo that took my breath away! I snapped quite a few of Lilli and Liv, and this is the one that really stunned me. Lilli has always been a beautiful girl (and a little vixen!), but in this photo all of a sudden I saw the women she would become. And it scared me!

I want for her to be so much more than a pretty face ( not that there is anything wrong with that face!), I want her to know that she is worth more than her image, I want her to know that she is loved regardless of her looks, I want her to know that being pretty doesn't make you a good person, I want her to know she is perfect the way God made her, I want her to know regardless of what she does with her life, I am proud of her, I want her to know that life is more than fun and games - but choices and opportunities.

Being a mum is so HARD, how can I express all this to a six year old??

Love Lisa

P.S I wish my skin was still like that!!! LOL!

Monday, August 21, 2006

Kiwi Scraps

Well what an amazing few days, I have come home tired and exhasuted, but ready to scrap my little heart out.

Alli Edwards and Donna Downey were pure inspiration, both so different, but both equally as wonderful. I love the whole " life art" concept, I love how they both encouraged us that nothing is wrong with the way we scrap but everything is right, it was really freeing ( if that is a word).

Helen and I had a total blast, I am soooo glad she came all the way from Far north queensland so we could scrap together!

Met some lovely new friends and some old ones ( hello Kell).

None of my projects are complete - did you think they would be?? But as I finish them I will put them up.

On another note altogether, I came home to my poor Livinia throwing up and with high temps etc - straight back into mum mode!

And to top it all off my dad who is in china is in hospital with a DVT (deep vein thombosis - blood clot), we are praying that he will be able to fly home as scheduled on saturday. The doctors are looking after him really well, but I really don't like the idea of him being in a hospital where they don't even speak english!

My links sidebar is looking so sad, I just havn't been bothered with it all, but that is my goal this week to actually add some friends!! LOL - so keep a look out for your name to appear!

My poor DD is calling from the loo - so I am going now!

Love Lisa

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Nothing is ever impossible

I love these words -

Would you believe me if I said "that God can make miracles happen today"

Would you "believe me if I said "that you don't have to wait for the answer before you step out in faith"

Would you believe me if I said "nothing is ever impossible for God"

When I look back over the past 12 months of our life as a family, these words are soooooo true.

God is a God of the impossible - I have a son alive and well and I am reminded of this everytime I sing these words at church. Jere is a total picture of health - nothing short of a "wonder boy" - one day I will blog more on that.

On other news my dad is in china at the moment doing mission work he will be away for three weeks, and I always an anxious when he goes. I know that God is looking after him, but that doesn't always stop me thinking of the very real danger that he is in. I am so PROUD of you dad.

Still havn't done my photo work for kiwi scraps and I need something like 20 photo's.

On a really funny note, I have been stressing for about 2 months cause my beloved digi SLR wasn't working properly. I finally took it to the shop where I bought it so they could organise repairs and you guessed it as soon as the guy looked at it it worked PERFECTLY! What is with that?? I felt like a total idiot, seriously it wasn't working at all at home and as soon as he trys, it works?? he must have thought I was such a dumb chicky????? LOL - was pretty funny though.

That is all tonight - MOJO is still rocking so i am going back to my desk.

see ya,


Tuesday, August 08, 2006

I want to STAMP!!!

Did you ever have one of those days when you know if you actually had the time to be creative, your mojo wouldn't let you down??

Well that is how I feel today, and of course I have a zillion other things to do and won't get to my desk at all.

I am trying to organise my photo's for Kiwi scraps and as per usual I have left it to the last minute, might have to do layouts without photo's - i hate that, cause then they just sit on my desk unfinished for months. grrrrrrr.

I am doing a workshop with the beautiful Mishelle Lancett and Kim Archer in a few weeks, it is going to be awesome - still have to do my demo - but I am really looking forward to it. Class is fully booked out and we even have a waitlist! ( 23 people booked!).

This is half a layout I just found on my putie! Just love thoses grubby boots. Liv got into my powder and also some windex and had a wonderful time in it all I must say. She smelled just Lurvley!

Thats all for today, back to the housework. Booooo Hooooooo.

Love Lisa

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

wonderful wednesday ??

Ahhh wednesday! AKA Hump day LOL!! I use to love the end of wednesday when I was working cause you were on the way to the weekend!

Justin is off on a training course this week, so he is leaving too early for words, it is just to cold to get out of bed. So I don't.

Had a great day today, got the big kids off to school then took Liv to a new group that has started at church for mums and bubs kinda like a playgroup but also with a focus towards the needs of mums and other women in the church. Had such a lovely time drinking coffee and chatting and all the kids got on so well. Next month it is at my place and I am in charge of craft! i love kids craft!!

Did my first half of an assignment for my course last night and felt rather proud of myself. Just now organising study time around everything else. Will probably end up taking myself off to the Library a couple of times a week so I don't have to look at my housework or desk or waste time on the computer.

Feeling mildly paranoid about being belle's bridesmaid cause I have had three kids and I don't really want to look like I have had three kids!!! you know that whole tummy not quite what it use to be, so I have started doing sit ups and generally eating better! won't last long, I am amazed when I was dancing full time I could to 200 situps without even being out of breath, it is a little sad now though!!!

I added a counter the other day to this blog cause I knew there were people lurking around and I wanted to know just how many! I was actually happily surprised how may people dropped in so if that is you please say hi!

off to organise some dinner.

love Lisa

Friday, July 28, 2006

I love Fridays! Justin works from home, I teach stamping in the morning, we have "beano's" (strange family name for lollies!) and it is the weekend. Whoo Hoo.

so a quick update

  • we have two new baby bunnies called sandy and sally, very cute indeed
  • I have been accepted to do my certificate three in childrens studies (OMG homework)
  • not long till Kiwi scraps - yeah!!!!
  • My beautiful cousin just rang to see if I would be her bridsemaid - Of course I would!
  • Livinia asked her preschool teacher to "pull her finger" today, when asked what she would do when it was pulled she answered " a big poppa" LOL - I was hysterical
  • the grass is still green !
  • I have finally paid off my camera with the help of the government and a tax refund!!
  • I miss my friend helen
  • I miss my brother and sister -in-law and baby Ruby

I think that is the short version.

The layout is one I did of Jere ages ago, yes I let him swing on the clothes line, just for the photo's, very naughty mummy.

And if you havn't seen "Tristan and Ysolde" then do yourself a favour.

thats all for now,

take care, Lisa


Monday, July 03, 2006

school holidays at last

I love school holidays! No lunches to make, no uniforms to iron, no rushing out of the house looking like a freak hoping that the kids don't want me to get out of the car!!! LOL!

So it is officially day one of the holidays and I had planned to just spend it at home getting ready for my MIL visit. Ha Ha. I rang Jere's kidney doctor because he has started bleeding again, just to get a script, but instead he wants to see him today and to top it off the referral has run out, so now I have to go to the GP, get the referral, then drive to gosford to see his specialist - true to Dr Rojers form will probably have to take jere for a blood test on the way home! GRRRRRR

I am teaching tonight to a full class and Have not even designed up the page! Boo Hoo!

Have you noticed that everything happens to us?? LOL.

Justin started playing indoor soccor last night, it was fast and rough - he totally enjoyed himself. Liv spent the entire game wanting daddy and made sure everyone knew about it.

Justins mum comes to stay for a week tomorrow - love it! we are taking the kids to the movies and to lunch etc. They always love it when liz comes to stay - in the words of Jere " nanny always has time to play lots of games with me, like uno and chess" felt a little guilty then realised I had no idea how to play chess so it didn't count!

Another layout of Lilli - at the farm, love the lounge in the background! couldn't be bother cropping it this morning!

Thats all from me.

Love Lisa

P.S. Hi Aunty Sharron and Uncle Ross !!!!!!

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

I've been sick :(

Yep, thats right i have been having a shocker, and true to Pate form not just an ordinary sickness!! I ended up in hospital last tuesday with pericarditis ( inflamation of the hearts outer lining) - pretty impressive I think!

Poor Justin had to have a week off work to look after me cause I just couldn't get out of bed. It was just yukky, I have a few weeks before I will be fully well again but I cerainly feel better than last week.

Have been lucky to have a heap of scrap/stamp work my way - which is brilliant cause I am no longer working at the shop in wamberal. I love the commissioned stuff, I can do it around my family which is just brilliant so keep a look out in SM and Stamping and Papercraft and Cardmaking and Paperscraft. So loving stamping at the moment, I find it really weird that I found "sucess" in the scrapping world first, cause I am sooooo a stamper before a scrapper!

Anyway, I am off to cairns tomorrow to visit my bestie, Helen - Yipee. I think the sunshine is going to do a work of good.

The photos of the kids are from when we were visiting Justin's parents at their farm oer easter! So cute!

Talk soon


Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Thank you friend

Hey there again,

Just wanted to shout from the roof tops about a very special friend, so there is no piccy's just words tonight.

I want to publicly thank Jackie ( you know who you are) for being the most amazing friend. Jackie you are kind, generous, supportive, encouraging, funny, and above all a wonderful friend.

You have supported me when I wanted to cry, and encouraged me when I just couldn't be bothered any more, thank you from the bottom of my heart. You rock!!!!!

Love Lisa

Monday, May 15, 2006

Catch up

Well I need to play serious "catch up" I havn't blogged for ages. Have been super slack, but very busy - if that is an excuse????

  • So here it is:

  • Jere ran in the school cross country and came first! Then ran in the zone and came in in eigth place, he is now off to the state carnival!!! Go Jere Go

  • Jere also ended up in hospital after another vomiting episode! terrible, but he is fine now.

  • Had a fab day at Scrapbooking and beyond, learning new stuff, meeting new people and even meeting "Mr Rusty Pickle", when I get some photo's I will upload them.

  • Still playing with my DT pack from Little Scrapbook Shop the above layout was done using the three bugs in a rug french provincial range, very nice indeed.

  • Pool is in the backyard, but the backyard looks like a war zone, I can't wait for grass! LOL

  • My cousin Belle is engaged! Whoo Hoo, she is having a Jan wedding, so I am looking forward to some new clothes and shoes for the occassion.

  • I am flying to see Helen in a few weeks time, my hubby bought me tickets for mothers day.

  • J and I are off to the hunter for a few days break child free on sunday, can't wait. I am not even going to take anything to scrap!!! Just some books to read.

That is all my brain can think of at the moment,

Thanks for reading,


Sunday, April 09, 2006

What a week !

Have you ever had "one of those weeks"? Well this week was just that for me!

It started at some silly hour of the morning on Monday with Livinia throwing up, and continuing to vomit every hour, on the hour.

By wednesday she was feeling better, so that's when Lilli started thowing up!

I got called by my mum on sunday arvo to say that my dad was in hospital with chest pains, rushed to the hospital. Took mum home for an hour to have a break and then Jere started vomiting! Just too much. Mum went back to the hospital and I am pleased to say that my dad has pneumonia and not a heart attack, but he is really really ill - they even had to give him morphine for the pain. Feeling very very tired!

But there were good things as well! My class at picture perfect scrapbooking was wonderful. the ladies finished their 7 gypsies mini album that they have been working on for three weeks and they all look totally beautiful.

And I am really excited because I found out I am going to be part of the Little Scrapbook Shop's design team!!!!!! It is going to be so much fun, I already feel really welcome and I know that we are going to have a blast.

So some good and some bad this weekend.

Oh, and the layout was just a quicky of Lilli, just love chatterbox!!!!

See Ya,


Monday, March 27, 2006

My Girl

Hey there, don't some pictures just make you smile?? This is my Lilli, and both she and her little sis were absolutely obsessed with me painting their faces a few months back. Not that I was any good at it! LOL. So here she is as a tiger. A very cute smiley tiger.

Love this layout, just so simple. Really over layouts that take hours. I just don't have hours. Need to have more hours.

I am really excited cause I am going to visit my beautiful friend helen in a few short months, she lives too far away!!! Past Cairns even. So I am going to visit in June, little scared about the hurricanes, but I am sure I will survive. I just find I can really have a great break when I go there, lots of scrapping and chocolate........can't wait.

Oh and my wonderful hubby got me a new computer today! What a legend, even a scanner, so no more crappy shots of layouts! Whoo Hoo.....Love you J xxx

Thats all, hope you are all well???


Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Hey there, thought I better share. It isn't anything new - just a scrapbooking memories urban lilly challlenge that I did a couple of months back. I really adore these photo's of my dad and Liv. Really natural and fun.

So what's new with you?

Nothing much here, just the usual - housework, kids, more houswork LOL - never ending mountains of it!

WE are about to start renovating again! We are renevating out house from the top to the bottom and at the moment are about half way through. Justin had a well deserved break over summer ( played cricket even) and we are about to start again. On the list of things to do are : downstairs skirting and doors, window dressing. Downstairs - bedroom walls ( yes we sleep in an open room) finish painting, window coverings. Outside - Pool (yeah!), fencing, grass, gardens and anything else you can think of. It seems massive, but we are sick puppies and enjoy it.

Had a call from giorgi at Picture Perfect today to say that my classes are filling up! I love a full class and all the buzz. You really have to check this shop out if you are anywhere near wamberal/terrigal. Totally beautiful.

Thats all for now, kids home, better feed them or something. LOL


Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Well after a push from the wonderful brooksie I am back at my blog. Thanks for the shove girlfriend.

Well life has been hectic as usual. Lilli's party was just brilliant. I know it isn't brain surgery but girls are so different to boys! LOL. We had three extra boys for Jere's birthday and it was loud and rough, but the girls ( eight of them) were just so...well.... girly! that sat and scrapped their little hearts out, and ate fairy bread and I didn't even have to break up one floor wrestle!

I am really excited on a work front because I am about to start doing some work for a beautiful boutique style scrapbooking shop at Wamberal called picture perfect gorgeous, beautiful shop. I am teaching 6 x 6 layouts using 7 gypsies, what more could a girl want. So if you are anywhere near check out the shop and come and do a class.

How is everyones scrapping?? I have taken lately to "speed scrapping" my version of no longer spending hours on every page. I have got to the stage that if I want to scrap for me it has to be fast and effective. So the above layout was done in 15 mins ( this is only part of it cause it is really a 11 x 8.5 layout. I even did two layouts on the phone today while talking to my friend ally. LOL. I might actually put a dent in the mountains of photos I have.

Thats all today......but if anyone knows how to get their children to eat ( not Jere, just my girls) dinner that would be great!

Talk soon - ( promise)

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

My Groove Thing

Well yesterday afternoon I finally got my "groove thing" back with regards to my scrapping. Feeling very very relieved. I have no idea what happened to just went. I do think it had something to do with being named a as a "master" I gave myself so much pressure and I lost my style in the process. So I am officially back scrapping in my style and loving it. I am just dreading the next few challenge layouts that are comeing up in SM, because they are not me.

So here is the layout that "set me free" so to speak. It is all fabric except for the photo matts. I just so enjoyed making it, it was stress free scrapping at its very best! The girls coming to my class tonight will be making their own version, so that should be fun to see their spin. It always amazes me how when you teach a layout everyone does it slightly different and you come away with so may variations. Love it.

Everything else is fairly normal at home. Lots to do and not enough time to do in it. Feeling really ill from the methotrexate I take for my RA (rheuamatiod arthritis), but life goes on.

Hope you are all having a fab day.

Lisa xx+

Sunday, February 19, 2006

Class with Kim

What a wonderful way to spend a sunday. Just had the pleasure of doing a class with the one and only Kim Archer. Check out the above layout and mini bag, the photo is pretty lame but you get the general idea. The class was great fun, and Kim was a really relaxed teacher. Thanks Kim you rock !LOL!

Met some new friends - saying hi to Janelle Wind and Rachel Greig - and had a laugh with some old friends ( hi Donna and Jess).

On a home front everyone seems happy, I have to try and organise Lilli's party for this friday night. She is having a scraping party - Lord help me - her request. So I am going to have twelve six year olds attempting to scrap together, feeling very very scared! Not even quite sure how they are going to fit upstairs in the renovated part of a half renovated house. Perhaps McDonalds might have been a bright idea.

On the scrapping front, plenty to do, and plenty of classes to organise. I am teaching a "scrapbook sewing class" on tuesday night and as yet nothing is done. Also have classes booked for friday, nothing done there yet either. But on a more positive note, stamping and papercraft have accepted a second lot of cards so I am sooooo excited.

All in all, Life is Good in the Pate houshold.

talk soon,

Lisa aka Patey

Saturday, February 04, 2006

been tagged

Ok I have been tagged by trish so here it goes? I know I havn't quite done it all right but here it goes!

Here are the questions:What were you doing 10 years ago?
I was working in chatswood, hoping that I would fall pregnant soon!

What were you doing 1 year ago? Enjoying being a SAHM

Five snaks that you enjoy:Chocolate, Lime and black pepper chips, strawberry's, cheese and crackers,Vanilla slices

Five songs to which you KNOW all the lyrics :Anything by U2, and a number of kids nursery rhymes

Five things you would do if you were a millionaire:Pay off mortgage, finish renovating, travel to see Kris and Sea and baby ruby ( brother), pay off parents mum and dads house,buy lots more scrapping supplies

Five bad habits:Perfectionist (yes it is bad), don't do exercise, waste time on the computer,let peoples opinions annoy me, drink too much caffine

Five things you like doing:Scrapbooking, talking on the phone, reading, swimming, being silly.

Five things you would never wear, buy, or get again: Wrong fitting bra/undies, bubble skirts, jellie shoes, glo socks, acid wash jeans (child of the 80's)

Five favourite toys:Camera,Computer, Sizzix, sewing machine, car

5 People I am tagging:

Ally N
Alli Patterson
My Mummy

Exhasuted just thinking about it all ! talk soon people.


Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Kindy Girl

Well today was the day, Lilli finally started "big school". I can't begin to explain how proud I am of her. Lilli has always been our quiet child and I really wasn't sure how today was going to go. She was so determined to be a big girl, no tears, no seperation problems, she just went on her way. OMG she is grown up!

So now there are two at school and one at home. Poor Liv is going to miss her sister soooo terribly. I am secretly going to enjoy having Liv all to myself, already planning what we can do together. I really want this time to be special for her. I want her to enjoy some "Mummy and Me" time. I have always felt a little guilty that she has had to adapt to a busy family and that perhaps she didn't get as much time with me as Jere and Lilli did. Time to make up for that.

Tonight we are off to celebrate big school with Lill's fav, fish and chips.

Took some great pics today so I am really looking forward to scrapping those. When I can clear some space on my desk! LOL, I must be the most disorganised scrapper around. I always claim it is because I am sooooo creative LOL. I think I am just a "messy" at heart. Oh well.


Monday, January 30, 2006

Follow me to the sea! Posted by Picasa

Finally worked out how to post some photo's !! Yeah for me ! Anyway I love love love this photo, christmas afternoon there is nothing better than an impromptu swim in the ocean, undies and all!! I can't imagine Jere being keen on swimming in undies for much longer. It was such a warm day he wasn't going to refuse.

I have spent way to long working out this blog thingy today, school starts tomorrow for Jere and kindy for Lilli on wednesday so there is heaps to do, oh well I have had fun!


Well here it is

Well here it is my very own blog, as yet have not worked out how to make it pretty but I'll work on that soon, just excited that I've got it this far.

Not quite sure what I'm going to write and if anyone will be interested, but I think I am going to enjoy journalling my days in this way.

Anyway, off now to work out how to add photo's etc...

See ya,