Wednesday, December 23, 2009

it's almost here ...

Christmas that is :)

How are things at your house?  are you ready?  or are you rushing?

We are *mostly* ready, and just a little rushing.

Our schedule was put a little behind when during a bit of festive fun at our home with friends, I managed to chop off the top of my thumb. Ah, yep - that would be a HUGE chunk right off onto the cutting board.  Lets just say our new Mundial knives are very very sharp.  It was chaos, with blood spurting, me crying/yelling, Justin trying to stop the blood.  It has taken two days for it to stop seeping.  BLERK!!!

I was looking through my photo's and found this super sweet layout of Miss Liv, which I hadn't posted yet.  It is about one year old and I still love it.  She was all dressed up for a Anne of Green Gables party - so gorgeous.

And in other super duper exciting news, this man (my rather gorgeous hubby) has been accepted into Sturt University to study his Bachelor of Wine Science.  We are so excited, and I am so proud of him for following his dream.  So come March, this families got a few changes to get use too.  Justin will still be working full time, while he studies.... and it is going to be busy.  But I think it is also going to be awesome.

What does the new year hold for you and your family?? I hope it is good, and full of joy and love.

Merry Christmas,

Love Lisa

Friday, December 11, 2009

December is here!

How quick has the year gone?  I feel like I have missed most of it.  My kindy girl, is through her first year of school, my tween-child has finished his first year of highschool (thank goodness), and Miss in-the-middle has taken massive steps forward in her confidence.  I am so proud of all of them.

Mis Liv has worked very very hard all year with her kindy buddies on a Christmas production called "you are His treasure".  She has been so excited all year, and I thought she was going to burst from excitement in the few days before her performance.  All the kindy's did an AMAZING job, telling the story f Jesus's birth and reminding us all that WE are His treasure.  Miss Liv was a little sheep, and the cutest little sheep ever!  She sang her little heart out, we are so blessed by her happy nature.  She is our treasure.

I just *have* to add a photo of her smile a few days later :)  I was BEGGING her to let me pull her tooth out, it was so loose and I was very worried it was going to fall out on stage and bleed all over her white costume  But she would have none of it.  It did everntually fall out, while she was at a friends party, in the swimming pool!  OMGosh!!!   after telling her the tooth fairy would visit anyway, because there was no way we were going to find it with 20 kids splashing around.  One of her friends popped out of the water with "I've got it".  Liv was very very excited indeed.

And my last (but not least) bit of news to tell is that I have been selected to join the Design Team at Scraptherapy  . I am so excited.  I have been patiently waiting for the *right* DT job to come up after leaving my last position almost 18 months ago.  I didn't want to jump at anything, I wanted to be somewhere that felt like home.  Well it seems I have found that place.  I officially kick off my role in Feb, but I am doing some unofficial stuff through January.  So pop in and say hello.

Stay safe and well, during this silly season,


Tuesday, December 01, 2009

This boy ....

Has had another rough day .... passing a kidney stone!!  OUCHIE!

He woke up feeling unwell, and vomiting and was quite distressed but couldn't tell us what was going on.  We got a little frustrated, and gave him a panadol and sent him back to bed.  A few mins later he was back, groaning and really stressed.  But couldn't explain what was going on.....

*knowing* he had one kidney stone, and also where he said the pain was (near the apendix) Justin rushed him to John Hunter Hospital.

The gave him nurofen and a bed and something to stop the vomiting.  I was stressing at home, because I know the history of Jere's kidney condition better than anyone, and usually better than the doctors in emergency wards.  Jere is usually the youngest patient they have ever seen with idiopathic hypercalciuria, sometimes they even have to look it all up!

anyway, My Jere is a tough one.  Most adults pass kidney stones with serious pain relief, usually a shot or two of pethidine.  Jere just toughed it out (which just quietly annoyed me, they didn't offer him anything stronger).  They did an ultrasound, and he has three stones in his right kidney, two in his left and one in his bladder.  EEEEEKKKKKKK !!!

We are heading to the very clever Dr Roger in a week to see what we can do.

In true "Jere" fashion, as soon as the stone had passed and the pain was gone, all he wanted to do was talk and eat! LOL  So on the way home, I filled his belly with his fave KFC - a serious no no with his kidney condition (waaaaaay to much salt) but by this stage I figured it really couldn't do much more damage :)

He is back at school, happy and for the most part feeling healthy as well.

Take care everyone,