Saturday, October 31, 2009

so much to say..

Well with the best of  intentions to be around my blog more, unfortunately that just hasn't happened.

We have had a very big month, and are hearts are very sad. One of my besties has lost her battle with cancer.  She fought long and hard for around five years, and it was a PRIVILEGE to know and love her.  I am so thankful to have spent her last days in her presence.  I will never ever forget her birthday a few days before she went to be with the Lord.  Surrounded by her family, sipping coke and just soaking up their love. We love you Ruth, and we know that you are with your Lord and Saviour, Jesus. We are counting the days till we see you again. xxxxx

If you don't know Jesus, perhaps you may be uncomfortable with me speaking so plainly about where Ruth is and her and my beliefs.  That is not what I want, but I need to write freely and openly.  Our hearts are raw and there is no place for gently treading worrying about whether I might offend someone.

But I am back, and also back creating. 

Finally I  have managed to finish a challenge for Lets Get Shabby ..... I actually did last months, but with everything that happened didn't get to upload it :(  This months challenge was to ad a handmade embellishment and of course in the style of "shabby"  I am so pleased with my finished result.  Miss Livinia when she was just a little one.... so gorgeous!  I handmade the flowers, and I love them!!!


and if you want some of the flowers yourself ..... you need to visit lilli-lou vintage  :)

Back really soon!!!

Love Lisa