Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Shanghai and the search for clean air?????

That was the first thing that I noticed as we landed in Shanghai, where the heck was the sky???
The above piccy is a great example, this is almost Midday and it is a piccy at "The Bund" an old part of town with beautiful old French Buildings, can you see the far bank?? Not really?? It is only about 400m wide (approx) and you had to squint to see it!
I was expecting it to perhaps be a little smoggy in the morning, but not all day, it's kinda like you are living in low grey cloud........all the time. Feels weird. We have Miss Liv's asthma stuff here and she is on a preventative, but we have been praying like mad she wouldn't have an attack, Lord knows I don't want to see the inside of a Chinese Hospital (Hiya Dad!). She does have a croaky throat, but I am not sure wether that is from the pool or the polution???

and the PEOPLE..........thousands and thousands of them, everywhere. In cars, on motorbikes, push bikes, on foot - crazy. The streets are mad, with honking horns and scary driving. We even managed to witness an accident involving two motorbikes!! EEEEKKKKKKKKKKK!!!!

The kids have taken it all in their stride, not bothered by the noise and the crowds, battling the streets no problems at all. We are so very proud of them. They have also learnt how to say "no no" when someone asks them if they want to buy something! LOL
They are all little stars here, particularly Miss Liv with her blonde hair and blue eyes, she waves and says hello, and smiles for the camera - too funny really. She keeps saying that she is "very special" in China.

The above is a piccy from out hotel at night, we are up lovely and high, and as you can see even late the traffic doesn't stop!

and Below are piccy's of both the Kids and J and I at "the bund"............ We have a thing anout Lions I reckon....

Today is our last full day here (we leave tomorrow around 5pm) and so we are going to head back to Nanjing Road for some more shopping and even know how to say "cheapa you give for cheapa" Too Funny!!!!

Love Lisa

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Bustin' a Move

This is what happens when you let Livinia loose on London!!!!!

We had been having a spot of breaky at Kris and Sea's fave cafe, and I took the kids out while Justin paid the bill............

and this is what Liv did (with encouragement from her Sis that people may throw money at her!). I was hysterical with laughter, and she was most perturbed that we stoped her and didn't get a couple of pounds! What am I going to do with this child????

She is wearing her brothers cap, and we nicknamed her "axl" after this performance, as that is what her hair looked like - the music style (singing) of choice was more Hip Hop!!!

OMG!!!!!! We are a family of crazy people!
Love Lisa


Saturday, October 18, 2008

More Museums........

Our kids just love love love museums...........

doesn't matter what kind, they just LOVE them

We visited the natural history museam a couple of days ago, they just adored it especially the dinosoar exhibit and the "stuffed animals" LOL!!!!

We have also visited the science museu which was really great - no photo's from that though, I was getting a little sick of carrying my camera everywhere - and just didn't feel like the pressure of taking photo's really!

The kids (and us) are doin really well, and loving everything.......the kids are missing having a backyard though, and the girls tend to wander outside barefooted and in T-shirts to "play" in a very small courtyard. Funny Things. We went to a little cutie place called Chiswick and stopped in a churches' grounds for a bit of a rest and a sanga, and they took off like they were crazy, running, chasing, enjoying the space. Funny.
Justin has booked us into hotel on tuesday (just him and me) in the heart of London and also booked us into one of Gordon Ramsey's Restaurants - I can't wait!!!!!
Till next time!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

more adventures

I am so behind in keeping everyone up to date with what we are doing here in England, sorry :)

Here are a few piccy's to keep you going.....kiddies in Trafalgar (SP?) Square...this has been one of Jere's fave things.....He was so looking forward to seeing the statue of Nelson (Such his Daddy's boy).

We have had a few days "down time" cause we are all tired! I just needed a day to blob so my joints would start playing nice, and poor Jere and Justin got a tummy bug, all good now though.
Tomorrow we are heading to So -Ho and to pick up some tickets to a couple of musicals - should be fun.
Love Lisa

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Big Days

That's what we seem to be having.................walking, exploring,walking!!!

Enjoying local parks -Lilli is a huge fan of the "round a bout" something that we don't see much of here in Aus. The faster the better :)

So we have visited Harrods - what an amazingly beautiful store. Had a trip around the city in a open top red bus. More museams, art gallery's, parks, shops loving it all - even if we are so so so so tired!!!!

The Girls in Harrods, with a "friend"!!!!

Jere playing super man :)

and lastly, the girls playing roller coaster at the back of the open bus around London ( they also sang, "London Bridge is falling down" at the TOP of their lungs while riding over it!) - bit of a spot the aussie moment!!! LOL

Off to Notting Hill Tomorrow :) Can't wait.

Love Lisa


Monday, October 06, 2008

The British Museum

Yesterday we headed on the tube to the museum..... we braced ourselves because it was raining, and armed with jackets and rain covers for the pram... of we went.
And had a fabbo time. It was awesome. So much to see. So many people. The museum was a beautiful building, high ceilings, gorgeous light. Beautiful.
I was panicking when I realised that when I put my camera in my bag it had my 50mm lens, not my everyday all situations one. But it was such a blessing in disguise, because I got great shots inside the museum of both the kids and some of the artifacts.

That's all for today!

Love Lisa


Sunday, October 05, 2008

Good times.............

yep, that's what this trip is all about.
Chillin' with family. Playing with Roobs. Just enjoying being together. So good.
Here are a few of my fave photo's so far (and there is going to be hundreds!)

We bought Roobs a DS today :) She totally loves it, and has been playing it all day - just like the "big kids" - cooking mumma is the game of choice. So nice to be able to spoil her, can't wait till they move home.

More photo's tomorrow! LOL

Love Lisa


Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Cutie Journals for the Kiddies!!!

Just finished in time :) Some super cute jouranals for the kids, to put all their bits and bobs, photo's and writing in while on our trip. I used a mixture of Love Elsie and Making Memories, a little Jenni Bowlin, and a few other bits........the best bit is the kids LOVE them.
Mine is still a work in progress! Which is pretty funny considering we leave tomorrow!!!! I reckon I will finish it tonight sometime!
Very possibly the next time I post I will be in LONDON!!!! YAY!!!!!
Love Lisa