Monday, February 11, 2008

Here we are

Funny, time goes so quickly.

Wasn't too long go we were newly weds, with a life time ahead of us. Planning dreaming. Now here we are, living the life we have chosen. Three beautiful children.

It will be our 13th anniversary in a few short weeks. I am amazed what we have been through, how far we have come.

Life has certainly thrown those naive newlyweds, challenges that would defeat most people. Chronic disease, a child with a life threatening illness ( all good now - no panicking people!), house moves - lots of them!, tonsillectomy's (SP?). grommet's, lots and lots of visits to just about every specialist you can imagine, miscarriage :(, hemorrhage after one of the tonsillectomy's!

But how much fun have we had???? Holidays ( lots of them), camping, beaches, wine! Kids and Family and Friends .Playing in the park, planning and still dreaming, dreaming BIG BIG BIG ( isn't that the only way to dream?)

I wouldn't have done it any other way thought!

ahhhhhh, isn't love grand :)

Sunday, February 03, 2008

What's Missing?????


Miss Ruby is :(

Funny how life goes on, school starts and you put thoughts of Missing Ruby, Kris and Sea to the back of your mind. Just to protect yourself. So that you don't feel sad. Then one moment and you realise just how much you miss them.

I had that moment today, while my kids played with their water pistils in the rain, and all of a sudden I *knew* Miss Ruby would be in there, giggling and laughing and getting into mischief with my kiddies the "cousins". It just wasn't the same without her.

I went for a run today ( yep back to it) and realised that if she was here Sea would be up for a run/walk. That I probably would have somone to run with, and laugh with.

and then to top it off, Justin is sitting here watching the "one dayer" on his own, and I *knew* if Kris was here, they would be watching it together. Not saying much, just enjoying the company.

Bring on October !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Cause we are heading to LONDON!!!!!!!!!!