Thursday, September 27, 2007

We are the MARINERS!!!!!!!!

the mighty mighty mariners "la la la la" ( I don't know the rest!)
We have sooo loved the A -league soccer this year, even better with membership passes!
Here are some photo's of the kids before the game on the weekend, so cute! Justin even bought me a mariners shirt at the game, very very cool!
Thanksfully we won, with no help from the Ref, he was shocking! So we are still on top of the table for another week :)
In other news, I feel like my life is going fast forward! It always starts reving up around this time, classes, step by steps, DT stuff and a new spot with a wholesaler, not sure if I am allowed to spill who yet - better find out huh! Lots of fun, but not much housework done!
Poor Liv was finally diagnosed with asthma this week, so we are on ventoin and are going to an asthma clinic next week for assesment and a treatment plan :( Oh well, least I know why she has been coughing for three months!

anyway, hope this makes you happy Kerryn, updated just for YOU!

Love Lisa


Monday, September 17, 2007

another monday

The weekend just goes toooo quick. Kids are back to school and there is one hundred things to do around the house, but I can't be bothered to do any of them!

Kris ( my little bro) rang last night from London, nice to have a chat and a laugh ( and a talk to ruby). He is busy with Muso stuff, which it totally cool, you can check out his stuff here . Very groovey and lots of good reveiws etc etc etc, and plus he is my brother so he HAS to be cool! and if you thought I was naughty ( esp at bingo) Kris would be annoying everyone sooooooo much worse! He is the master at being funny/annoying when people are trying to be serious! LOVE IT!

Can't wait till they get here for Christmas. They will be here for my birthday so I am stoked! Also for Ruby's Third birthday, so I am planning a little party for the birthday girl! **YAY**

um, what else????

We went to "hardly normal" aka Harvey Norman and bought a new oven, rangehood and dishwasher today! Very very excited as the oven in this house doesn't even work and it has been sooooo frustrating. So bring on chrissy cause I will be ready!

Sharing another photo ( of the girls again) looking cute, lilli being serious about having her photo taken and smiling and Liv being silly ( whish of course is normal!) Playing again in photoshop, thanks to Michelle for the chllenges over at LSBS

Saturday, September 15, 2007


LOL - well if you have been at the LSBS cybercrop over the weekend, you will know why this one little word is sooooooo funny!

I played bingo, but I didn't register, and didn't have words, just kept jumping in the thread and yelling "BINGO" then if that wasn't funny enough ( for me anyway) I decided that the chat thread needed a bit of bingo action! LOrdy I was cracking myself up, sitting in front of the computer spitting over the screen.

Poor Kerryn was having an asthma attack from laughing, but that is her fault cause she totally encouraged me :)

Anyway, you still have till monday night to upload for any of the challenges, Cath has some awesome prizes and if you are a newby tell them Lisa sent ya! cause then we might both get a prize! LOL!

So another photo, didn't take any today, too tired and I also spent half of it having coffee with mum and A. Sylv , belle and yaz. Lots of FUN! Nothing like bacon and eggs at 11am for brekie.

This one is of Liv, just like it really???? Not so sure why, started playing with lighting effects in photoshop and I am loving it :)
Anyway, off to cause havoc and yell some more BINGO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, September 13, 2007

The quest for better photography

Its such a mix isn't it, good light, great subject, decent camera, perfect spot, perfect moment, aquick click and a bit of editing in photoshop :) all that has to line up right for a great photo.

Phew ... no wonder I take heaps to get one good shot.

So I have set myself a goal one great photo a day! It makes me play with my camera, look for different things and keep working out the photoshop beast! LOL

So this is my effort today, my GORGEOUS girl Lilliana. No bad, not perfect but not bad! Will see how I go tomorrow - I think Jere is going to be the hard challenge!

Take Care


Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Ruby Girl

This is a post for my gorgeous neice RUBY!!!!!!!!

Love you baby girl ( actually big girl) can't wait till you are here at christmas.

Lovey is soooooo excited, so are we.

yep, been tagged yonks ago by tash ( who should be in my links but isn't) will sort that out shortly! So I am a rockin girl blogger! AWESOME Now I have to tag five people, so they are Helen, PT, AT, CAth ( would you update pleeeease) and um Celeste, though she has probably been tagged already. So my lovies you just need to copy the blinkie thingy and tag another 5 rockin girl bloggers!

Sunday, September 09, 2007

copyright issues :(

A little share before I start! This is the gorgeous album I taught recently for Cath at the LSBS Retreat, cute hey?? It is sitting proudly on my mantle and it makes my smile everytime I lok at it! Onto the other stuff .........

**sigh** I can never understand why people CHOOSE to use someone elses work and pass it as their own, it always makes me mad and some times even a little cranky ( some times a lot!)

Not to long ago an "unnamed site" decided it would be smart to copy and paste a number of my step by step projects that I had designed exclusivly for LSBS they even had used the pictures of my children for goodness sake! Talk about cranky! Thankfully that was all sorted rather quickly ( as is what happens when legal action is threatened), and I have gone on my merry little way, not thinking that it would happen again. I am no Ali Edwards.

So I was suprised to find something else today that looks remarkably like my work, on another site. There is no reference to where they got their inspiration, and that is all I want, someone to write a little line " inspiration for this project is from ........" It is the polite thing don't you think?? It is only the outside of the project that is the same, but the inside is quite similar to a very very good friend of mines work. **another sigh** I just don't know, where is the line?? Why is it so hard to credit the original artist?

anyway, onto happier things!

WE had an awesome time with our friends tosay after church, we were meant to be going on a picnic but ut was raining so we ended up with 23 people for lunch at our house! 13 kids!! OMGoodness we had fun, sitting infront of the fire, laughing and carrying on, everyone left at about 6.30pm so I guess you could say the afternoon was a sucess!

anyway, hope you all had a good one!

Love Lisa

Thursday, September 06, 2007

almost friday

**YAY** So close to the weekend you can almost taste it!

We are hangning around the house all day on saturday andthen mum and dad are going to mind the kids so we can go and see the new "bourne" movie, looking forward to that.

In other news, we had an AMAZING parent teacher interview with Jere's new teacher, Mrs Stacey. Where to begin ..... I have never felt more welcome in a class room. Mrs Stacey took well over an hour with us and included Jere in the interview, some really positive things are happening because of the interview, and as a mum I could not be happier.

Quite a few people were annoyed that we changed schools, but honestly I am so THANKFUL that we took a very scary plunge :)

I am also going to be involved in getting a year five blog up and running and I am soooo excited about that.

I have been so busy creatively! Love that the mojo is flowing, some I can share, some not! You will see them in an upcoming mag!

One Traditional, two digi.

For full info you can check them out at LBSB

Thats all for now, I have more layouts to share, but I will do that another day.

Love Lisa