Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Pre-school Concert

Miss Liv was ready and excited with the rest of the 110 kiddies !!! They were everywhere :)

Unfortunately, no photo's were allowed as some parents did not want their kids photographed. What is with THAT?? Ok I get child protection, but seriously it would have been a minority of parents who requested no photo's so the rest of us couldn't take any of our little darlings performing *sigh*

So I took photo's after :)
Here is my Princess. Too Cute!
Have a beautiful day,
Love Lisa

Friday, November 23, 2007

Christmas is coming!

ahhhh, love the Christmas season. Mostly ;)

I managed to find one of our christmas trees in the garage today and a box of deco's as well. Put the tree up for the kids to decorate when they got home from school.

I have been a little under the weather and decided to have a power nap on the lounge, when I woke up Miss Liv had decorated the majority of it herself, sooo cute :) Managed to get her to leave the rest till Lilli got home, as I KNEW Lilli wouldn't be very inpressed at all! It is all done now, looks cute. I can't wait till we get the main tree though, A big, messy, yummy smelling real one.

I have taken the plunge and joined flickr so come on over and I would love some friends! LOL! Lots of amazing inspiration to be seen, so make sure you have a coffee and a handfull of chocolate with you :)

I will leave you with a not so perfect photo, which just sums up the day and makes me smile. Of course now I have to find me a proper glass bauble to take a *good photo* one that will be clear without all the bumps, still like the original though.

Love Lisa


Thursday, November 08, 2007

I am back :)

Well I am back and soooo tired and generally feeling crappy, kinda worn out really.

I need a break. I don't think I have ever had one from scrap work, but considering one at the moment. Not a big one, not just droppng everything, just a slow step back for a month or two. And with my bro and family heading over for Christmas I want to spend as much time as I can with them. Especially Miss Ruby.

This is the start of the MASS upload of work I did for Penrith :) there are something like 17 layouts and two BTP all done in under one week, honestly I am a FREAK!

Penrith was Awseome and stressful ( the set up was a total nightmare) and so much fun, and the Dinner was a total hoot, so nice to not worry about kiddies for one night and let my hair down :)

And I ran into so may people/friends :) Love that part!

Lets see there was the beautiful Lusi who I will catch up with again on saturday, and
Ally, Kerry and Nicki, Jane and Emily from S & P, Mishelle and I got to meet Megan ( she was so lovely) and of course Rachel Greig and Simone ( yep play day soon!) and Rebekka Erickson who kept stealing my kindy glitz ( LOL - we were having fun!), and Alison Shearer - you sooo should have come to dinner ;) and the gorgeous Andrea Thompson. PHEW - I am sure I have left someone out and if it was you SORRY I still love you :)

and who could forget the LSBS girls???? Not me!

and I guess as my work was on public display I can FINALLY tell everyone that I am doing some work for acacia papercraft and I am soooo excited :) I am their "REMINICSE" girl, so everytime they release new stuff I get to play! How cool is that??? I am just so EXCITED to part of such an awesome team!

and please never ask me how to use a doodling template!

Love Lisa