Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Bothers arn't really annoying

LOL - well not when they live in London anyway!

Spoke to my little brother yesterday, nice chat, miss him millions - but thats cool. He might annoy me if he was here anyway! LOL!

He is such a cool muso, getting gig's in London - very very sweet stuff

Here is a link

check him out. It sounds so soulful and deep - not at all like me really. ROFL.

and yes I will tell you all about U2 fiona! but honestly what more can you say but they bloody rock. It was awesome. I don't know how four people can create such an atmosphere and such an amazing sound. LOVE IT!!!!

Saturday, November 18, 2006

General Ramblings

OK - be prepared from some general ramblings and thoughts from my tired brain!

Why is is that nasty people quite often always land on their feet? what is with that? Just once I would like to see some of them land on their bottms!

Why does Livinia like pro-mite? Honestly it is disgusting.

Why does my son lose his bus pass in the last few weeks of term?

How have I been lucky enough in the last year or two, to gather a really cool set of friends who I love dearly! thats You! LSBS girls and SOF girls.

Why aren't the renovations finished yet ? and why has that not made me go totally insane??

Why is my husband reading over my sholder? Very very rude, and he is spell checking at the same time? what the?? (he really is a nice hubby , sending me to england next year!)

Do you think that is enough questions?? I would like some answers please! LOL!

Hmmmm - I don't know what else just feeling tired, getting ready for a crazy december, do you think if I close my eye's it will all happen without me? I mean I love December and Christmas, but we are always too busy with stuff we HAVE to do, I just want to swim at the beach and sleep.

Layout was for the SOF challenge, I like how it turned out, not quite what I had imagined. But the sentiment is there.

Love Lisa


Wednesday, November 08, 2006


**Sigh** thankyou, thankyou, thankyou, to all the wonderful chickies who left a message wishing me a speedy recovery.

I have noted that to gain a certain amount of celebrity and a whole heap of comments on my blog, a good injury is the key! LOL! Seriously thanks so much, in an industry that at times can be bitchy, you have restored my faith.

My arm is feeling much better, just going funny colours with the bruising. I am now dreading the doctor taking the stitch out ( such a chicken) - where are you Michelle when I need you (I owe you a coffee at Borders).

To all who commented about a cover for my blade *yes I know*, but those little things always go missing. I will never ever randomly shove my arm into a bag/tote again.

I don't really know what else to say except I am seriously humbled by everyone who stopped by to leave a comment, or who rang, or PM'd me. You girls rock.

PT - I am the proud owner of the best scrapping injury ever and I don't even want you to try to better me, seriously the celebrity is not worth it! (Love ya x )

Cath - I promise I am not taking a blade of any type with me next year, even though I did get to go shopping instead of work, I was so dazed I can't even remember what I looked at! Thanks for being you, you really are a wonderful friend.

OK I am getting mushy, so I am going to go.

Love Lisa

Sunday, November 05, 2006

the penrith papercrafts festival & why craft knifes are dangerous!

**edited to show you the actual damage!, bruising just starting to come out!**

You really have to excuse my typing tonight, you see i am doing it one handed! Yep there is a story and here it is!

Well, it was day three at the paper festival at penrith and we arrived at the stand nice and early to get ready. It was about 8am and gill, helen and myself were busy getting organised. I needed something from my new AMM little tote, i reached under the desk into the tote and felt a bit if pain. I knew exactly what i had done, i knew i had stuck my arm straight onto my craft knife (with a brand new blade!), i pulled out my arm thinking, bugger where am i going to get a banaid from and to my horror my arm was covered in blood. Hmmmm, in fact it was spurting **not good**.

I managed to get helens attention, without falling on the floor and before i knew it I was surrounded by some very lovely ( and thankfully first aid trained people). They managed to get my arm wrapped and into a sling and the wonderful Michelle took me off to the local doctor. You guessed it, I had managed to hit the artery in my arm (on the underneath side). Ater waiting for an hour so the blood would stop spurting I am now the proud owner of one stitch, a ver deep wound and a very sore arm! I also got a tetnus needle for my trouble!

This post is sooooo long! sorry.

A few quick thankyou's

  • To michelle, for staying with me when they stitched it up
  • To helen, for not passing out beside me!
  • To cath, just for being so understanding
  • To all the LSBS girls who are probably all laughing hysterically now!!! LOL