Monday, March 27, 2006

My Girl

Hey there, don't some pictures just make you smile?? This is my Lilli, and both she and her little sis were absolutely obsessed with me painting their faces a few months back. Not that I was any good at it! LOL. So here she is as a tiger. A very cute smiley tiger.

Love this layout, just so simple. Really over layouts that take hours. I just don't have hours. Need to have more hours.

I am really excited cause I am going to visit my beautiful friend helen in a few short months, she lives too far away!!! Past Cairns even. So I am going to visit in June, little scared about the hurricanes, but I am sure I will survive. I just find I can really have a great break when I go there, lots of scrapping and chocolate........can't wait.

Oh and my wonderful hubby got me a new computer today! What a legend, even a scanner, so no more crappy shots of layouts! Whoo Hoo.....Love you J xxx

Thats all, hope you are all well???


Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Hey there, thought I better share. It isn't anything new - just a scrapbooking memories urban lilly challlenge that I did a couple of months back. I really adore these photo's of my dad and Liv. Really natural and fun.

So what's new with you?

Nothing much here, just the usual - housework, kids, more houswork LOL - never ending mountains of it!

WE are about to start renovating again! We are renevating out house from the top to the bottom and at the moment are about half way through. Justin had a well deserved break over summer ( played cricket even) and we are about to start again. On the list of things to do are : downstairs skirting and doors, window dressing. Downstairs - bedroom walls ( yes we sleep in an open room) finish painting, window coverings. Outside - Pool (yeah!), fencing, grass, gardens and anything else you can think of. It seems massive, but we are sick puppies and enjoy it.

Had a call from giorgi at Picture Perfect today to say that my classes are filling up! I love a full class and all the buzz. You really have to check this shop out if you are anywhere near wamberal/terrigal. Totally beautiful.

Thats all for now, kids home, better feed them or something. LOL


Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Well after a push from the wonderful brooksie I am back at my blog. Thanks for the shove girlfriend.

Well life has been hectic as usual. Lilli's party was just brilliant. I know it isn't brain surgery but girls are so different to boys! LOL. We had three extra boys for Jere's birthday and it was loud and rough, but the girls ( eight of them) were just so...well.... girly! that sat and scrapped their little hearts out, and ate fairy bread and I didn't even have to break up one floor wrestle!

I am really excited on a work front because I am about to start doing some work for a beautiful boutique style scrapbooking shop at Wamberal called picture perfect gorgeous, beautiful shop. I am teaching 6 x 6 layouts using 7 gypsies, what more could a girl want. So if you are anywhere near check out the shop and come and do a class.

How is everyones scrapping?? I have taken lately to "speed scrapping" my version of no longer spending hours on every page. I have got to the stage that if I want to scrap for me it has to be fast and effective. So the above layout was done in 15 mins ( this is only part of it cause it is really a 11 x 8.5 layout. I even did two layouts on the phone today while talking to my friend ally. LOL. I might actually put a dent in the mountains of photos I have.

Thats all today......but if anyone knows how to get their children to eat ( not Jere, just my girls) dinner that would be great!

Talk soon - ( promise)