Thursday, July 10, 2008

Simple Things....

I love how, the girls can play for hours outside, riding their bikes, "making stories", digging in the dirt.

This is one of their new pastimes.... taking charcoal from the fire ( after it is cold of course) and drawing all over the looks so much COOLER than chalk.

Yep, they get black hands, but they LOVE it.

Onto some *seriously exciting* news!! Our tickets were booked today for LONDON!!!! I can't believe it really, it finally all seems real.
Still so much to organise, but OMGosh - we are taking the kids to LONDON!!!! ( also Shanghai for a few days on the way home). Time for a count down ticker I think :)

Hope you are all warm!!

Love Lisa


Tuesday, July 08, 2008

My Rockin' Dad

How cool is he???

Playing is brand new "Gretsch" guitar ..... it is red and just gorgeous. I would like to hang it on my wall :)

I am planning to take a few piccy's of it, I reckon they will be Fabbo!!!

thats all really, just wanted to show you how cool my dad is!!!

Love Lisa