Wednesday, May 28, 2008

A New Hobby????

From this pile of cut fabric

To this block of a quilt :)

So is it a new hobby??? or perhaps a revival of an old one???
I have been avoiding and avoiding quilting/patchwork for years, because I knew once I started it would soon be a new obsession. From a very very young age, I have been facinated with sewing. I will remember my mum ( a non sewing type) teaching me - at about age three - how to sew by hand with a rather large darning needle.

My Nan is an amazing woman with a sewing machine, and I spent hours at her home, sewing. She always encouraged and helped.

But alas, the general busyness of life and the other little hobby I have ;) made me put my machine away and just ohhhh and ahhhhh at other peoples creations.

So I was just admiring other peoples work like Janelles , and NOT STARTING another hobby


Well a trip to Nundle did it :) OMG I was in fabric heaven and came home with a very naughty amount of fabric!!! Enough to make three raggy quilts ( one for each kiddies) and I signed up for a block of the month. It is by Natalie Ross in Stitches and it is proving a very quick learning curve!! You can see what it will look like here. I have done both block one and two ( well minus the applique!) and will be starting block three hopefully tomorrow.

ahhhhhh, can you smell the new fabric??????? LOL!

Love Lisa


Monday, May 26, 2008

where has the time gone?????

Look at my babies!!!!

Jere went to his first "youth event" in Newcastle on Friday night ( made me feel so old). He has an awesome time, came home minus his wallet ( which I half expected!) and also minus a molar tooth!

It was so cool to see him so excited, and dressed all spunky :)

Miss Lilli is again proving that "hormones" are ruling the little vixen! LOL - she is such a sweet, shy thing - then bang. Miss monster appears. We were heading out the door on saturday, just me and the girls to a birthday party 30 mins away and we were running late, I had to get petrol and a pressie. I asked her to get into the car, to which she answered "Muuum, I havn't put my lipstick on yet" What the?????????? ahhhh, neither have I honey.
and Miss Liv, is spelling words out phonetically ( sp?) and doing her sisters year 2 maths homework - I seriously feel sorry for her Kindy teacher next year.
Thats all for now!!!
Love Lisa

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Wednesday Sharing

Been very busy with a new DT kit from LSBS here is some of the stuff I have been up too :)

Hope you are having a happy wednesday!
Love Lisa

Loving PS Actions

I know, it is a way to "cheat" with editing your piccy's :) But it is sooooo much quicker!!!!

So I am haing fun, surfing the net for freebie PS Actions, if youknow any good sites, let me know! LOL

I *LOVE* how this photo turned out. I loved the photo anyway, my girls floating in the ocean on their boards, chatting away, and their scute little bots.

Too cute.
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Thursday, May 15, 2008

Time for a share

I realised today, that for the volume of work I produce for LSBS and the mags, I actually don't put much up on my blog!
So beware, I am going to start uploading some work :)
and some exciting news! Both my girls are excited to be published in this months SBM!!!! They both have a digi layout ( that they did 18 months ago) and can't wait for their cheque!!!!

The gorgeous Miss Liv

My brother and his baby girl Ruby

Miss Livinia *finally* asleep!!!

Having some fun with my brother and our kiddies when he was visiting from England!!!

and lastly if you want a giggle - this is my SIL in the middle of London during her lunch break! Too cool Seana :)

Love Lisa


Sunday, May 11, 2008


What girl doesn't love a bit of bling????

Justin bought these home from his latest trip overseas, they are green saphires and the photo just doesn't do them justice. The are a beautiful green, the pendant goes from a very light green to a dark dark green.

I wore them today for the first time, and was paranoid I would lose them. Need t get them insured.

Feel very very lucky today, to have a hubby who knows what I like without even having to tell him.

Love Lisa


Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Hello Friends

I am so thankful today for friends, you know the kind that would DO ANYTHING for you???
I spent the weekend with my bestest bestie Helen in Cairns, and we had such a hoot. But what I love most about this girl, is that not only do we laugh till our sides hurt, but I can have a "moment" and she just knows the right things to say. Love you chuffy :)

We also drove into Cairns to meet up with Relsi and Honey wine, you girls are so much fun. And we met a few other new friends while we were visiting. Shouting a big hello to Belinda and Kerry.

*yes I will update links soonish* LOL

and some very exciting news.

My coolio muso brother, has released a new single which you can download for free here

His blerb "The full release pack includes two mixes of the song, an iPod ready version of the music video, and the artwork. Just download it, unzip it, and enjoy - and then tell some friends about it or facebook it to help spread the word. On the website you'll also find some news concerning rumours of a full album project too. Yippee!"

So get downloading!!!!

Some work to share - most of it oldish, but hey what the heck :)
This layout was in SM a month or so ago. I forgot to buy a copy! LOL silly me.

These are in stamping and papercraft, either this issue or next? Can't remember!

and these lovlies were in the last issue of stamping and papercraft and one was even on the cover! Cool Hey????
Love Lisa