Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Liv turns four

This is my baby, can you see her? No I can't either cause she is a BIG FOUR YEAR OLD! Boo Hoo! She was so stoked with herself and when she woke up just kept saying "I'm four, I not a little girl anymore I am a big girl" so chuffed with herself - didn't even think of pressies till we reminded her!

We celebrated her birthday with lunch and ice cream at Mum and Dads, and as you can see she enjoyed herself completly. Check out the dodgy face paint by your truly!

There is some cool stuff happening over at LSBS over the weekend, as usual Cath won't say what it is but i know it starts with an online party @ 7.30pm. Should be fun!

Hope your all having a lovely day.

Love Lisa

Friday, March 16, 2007

digi mad !

Yep, thats what I have become DIGI MAD I personally think it is such a good thing to stretch yourself and try something perhaps you arn't very confident with. I am having fun, learning a whole heap about Photoshop LOL! and really enjoying the process, I have so much to learn and I find myself wanting to know everything straight away!

The above layout is again using the awesome crazy cat studios "be mine" digital elements from the CD of the same name ( of course!). It is super simple, just a photo collage onto one of the beautiful papers ( which I fiddled with to get the colour I wanted!), add the white journalling (which has already been done for you!) one more layer to add the "distressing" and finish with a little journalling. Too SWEET!

BTW - the day we actually spent down at the haven was so much fun! There was even a SHARK ALARM, at the main beach, and no one could go in the water for about an hour while the choppers and life savers in their boat chased it out to sea! I havn't heard a shark alarm in years! We were calling the kids "shark bait" LOL - as we wern't at the main beach we let them keep paddling but only up to their knees!

So tomorrow is miss Liv's birthday and she will be getting a nintendo DS - yes I know that is a big pressie ( or perhaps expensive!) for a four year old, BUT - the big kids got them for christmas and I thought she wouldn't be old enough for one. Well, she is amazing at it, and that's all she wants - so that's all she's getting! third kids are sooooooo quick!

anyway, have a beautiful weekend.

Love Lisa

Thursday, March 15, 2007


Well what more can you say? Bad photo (taken indoors at night!) but you get the general idea.

Poor Lilli accidently got hit in the eye with her brothers cricket bat, and it wasn't pretty! It looked even worse the following day, her eye swelled up so badly she sould hardly open it. But she still wanted to go to school because it was crazy hair day!

Her friends at school were so sweet and soooooo concerned for her! Love that she has great friends. I made sure I spoke to her teacher, I was worried they might report me to DOC's! LOL her teacher just laughed at me! I am just thankful there were no stitches involved!

Weekend is almost here and I can't wait! Liv will be turning FOUR! OMGoodness that has gone all to quick.

Gotta Run,

Love Lisa

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Something exciting :)

I am so excited! Can you guess why? no? LOL?

I am soooo excited cause my gorgeous friend Tracy Watson has asked my to be part of the crazy cat studios creative team for their AWESOME digi CD's.

So this is my first layout using the "year in reveiw" CD, it is a total cheat, cause most of the work was already done! I just added my photo and a few other elements and it was done! Too cool, there is of course other templates to use (heaps of them) and also papers and embellishments if you like to do digi from scratch - very very good stuff :)

What else? Well I spent THREE HOURS tidying my boy's room today, I threw out two garbage bags full of junk and will be giving away two of clothes. But it looks so nice and clean - wonder how long that will last???

SO what you up to this weekend? LSBS will be hosting another awesome cybercrop with heaps of competitions, chat, bingo and lots of fun. So come on over.

Thats all for today, hope your having a good one :)

Love Lisa