Monday, January 01, 2007

2007 here we come

Well it is officially 2007. Ten days till my birthday :) and I havn't blogged in over a month. So here goes another toally random post!

  • Kids finished school and boy were they ready for the break. Lilli managed to pick herself up an award at presentation night and we were so pround of her! Her award was "for having a caring heart and always trying her best". I was just about crying, and just so darn proud.

  • Christmas was quiet, but great. Spent time with family and ate too much food but it was lovely.

  • I also managed to pick myself up a casual job at the local westfield in a sunglasses shop and I am LOVIN' it ! I get to talk to people and that is just my thing.
  • I am currently taking a break from teaching on a regular basis, I was just starting to feel "flat" and a little uninspired. Don't really know why. I am seriously going to miss the girls at Abscrapped especially the beautiful Jac, but I know the door is never closed, so I am sure I will be back.
  • I am also doing the step by step for Jan for LSBS so go and check it out. It is a really cute little "year in review album" which you can whip up in an afternoon.
Anyway, I think that is enough! So I pray that you will all have a wonderful, happy and totally the bestest 2007! I know I will :)