Saturday, May 22, 2010

What a week

THis week has been crazy. You know the kind of week where you have so much to get done? Where everyone needs you for something? Where you get called into work everyday??

But it had also been awesome. After living in a bedroom which was bland and boring for two years, we finaly decided to renovate and totally re-decorate. We are almost done, and gosh it has been lots and lots of work. I should be able to show some pics in the next day or two.... just trying to get the bedroom back to normal after sleeping in our loungeroom for the week!!!

If you are after a scrap challenge or two this weekend, Scraptherapy are cybercropping and there are planty of cool challenges. I had the pleasure of designing the sketch challenge this month (my fave!) and here is my sketch and also the layout from the sketch.

The rest of this week is going to be spent MADLY getting organised for the Scraptherapy retreat next weekend in WARM Cairns.  I am so looking forward to seeing all the girls again, and teaching a fast paced class. It's going to be fun. But gosh there is some work to be done at home first.

Have a blessed week

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

I think I just found a new obsession


I love love love this look!!!  I alredy have a vintage vibe going on in my kitchen, but this is just so pretty and inspired.  You can find the original images Here at Design Sponge.

Seems to me that a trip to the local Thrift Shop for a bit of junking fun is in order.

You will probably fine me adding more design posts now and then .... it seems that is all I am looking at while studying.  Lots of wonderful inspiration, lots of different colours and styles.  So much fun.

Love Pretty things :)


PS - What is your style???  as in home style?  it could be what your current home is or what you dream your home to be one day.  Tell Me :)

Monday, May 10, 2010

a post just because..

Just because I can, and just because I finally downloaded all my photos's off my iphone.
They made me super happy looking at the all.  I think they are such an awesome snapshot of our daily lives and what we have been up to for the last 6 months or more.

Because I always have my phone on me, but not always my camera.  Lets face it the iphone is not a brilliant camera, but I LOVE the candid nature of all the shots.

Lots of fun,


Sunday, May 09, 2010

A big clear out

I *need* to make more room.

I am gathering more and more design and art supplies for my interiors course, and a heap of my crafty stuff is taking up valuable space.... and not being used either.

Of course I am keeping things I love, things I use all the time.  But there is still a truckload of things that could do with a new home.

I will post some piccies here before they hit ebay, just incase any of my online friends want them.

These stamps sets are all $10 each plus postage.  They retailed for much more, quite a few have not even been opened or if they have only one stamp has been used.  See what I mean? they need t go to a new home where they will be LOVED.

Please email me at pateygirl (at) tpg (dot) com (dot) au if you want to claim some :)

love birds - never used

Big swirls - never used

spring - never used

word fourishes - never used SOLD

They are all by Autumn Leaves and Retailed for approx $25 each.

There will be plenty more to come


PS - my blog is playing silly!!!  lots of links are not visable?  Driving me insane, think I might look at another blog service.  Anyone else having problems with blogger?

Friday, May 07, 2010

Her new jumper

This girls LOVES knitted jumpers (kinda like her muma).
I *think* the fact that her nanna knits for her and so did I when she was  little one is the reason.  She always had lovely soft snuggly knits on.

If I ask her to fetch a jumper, it is always a knitted one. If it is cold in the morning, she will grab a knit.  She has been known to sleep in them.

So when I found this super pretty jumper in her fave colour I *knew* she would love it.  Even better I picked it up for $4 at the local oppie, and it even has a bag with it that perfectly fits one beanie kid.

Her face was so cute when I gave it to her "Thankyou mumma, it is beautiful ... and someone knitted it with their hands for me"  awwwwwww  (Except it isn't a hand knit! LOL).

So today I am just so thankful for a child who appreciates what she is given, who see's value in things made by hand, and delights in a warm snuggly knit given to her by a Mum who knows what she loves.


Wednesday, May 05, 2010


We spent the long weekend (Anzac) sitting my the water at Toronto. They have an amazing park which even Jere enjoys.  Lots of climbing, spinnng, swinging and enjoying the sunshine.

Justin and I enjoy it, because there is a VERY HANDY cafe right there, so we can grab a latte and sit back to watch the kids play. It's perfect.  I took heaps of photo's of the kids playing at the park, but these three are my faves.  Just before we left I dragged them down to the waters edge for some snaps.

Jere even manages a smile (don't worry I have HEAPS of silly face ones as well!!!)

My little blondie - awwwwww. So cute!

Miss Lilli had a fringe cut as well over the weekend, and she looks so grown up!!  She loves it, and yep she looks cute as .... but a whole lot older :(

*sigh* why oh why do they have to grow up????

So onto some crafty goodness.  My DT kit this month from Scraptherapy included lots of yummy October afternoon.  I have been playing with the beautiful and bright nigh light range .... so good!!!!  Most of my work will be uploaded over the weekend for the monthly challenges .... BUT I can share this one now.

Check Jere's face, he is such a cracker.  Lee-Anne has filled the store with LOTS of october afternon goodies, and the turn around time for postage is *amazing*.  Love great service.

An assignment is calling me :-? So off I go .....