Monday, September 25, 2006

Smelly sandwiches

What is it with Boys?? Don't get me wrong I love 'em. I have a husband that I adore, a brother who I think is cool and a Dad who is a legend.

But what is it with 9 year old boys who think that hiding their school sandwiches at the top of their wardrobe ( all 20 of them!) is a good idea??

Let me tell you his room just smelled divine after being locked up for a week while we were on holidays. YUKKY.

Why didn't he just chuck them in the bin? I would have never known.

Anyway, Jere has been banned from playstation for a week and had to move and stack 150 pavers for his trouble over the weekend. Don't think he will be hiding his lunch again.


Thursday, September 21, 2006

Back from the zoo!

I am exhasted so just a real quick post tonight!

Firstly thanks Kim and Mishell for helping to make sunday a brilliant day! You girls rock.

Zoo was wonderful, I took 250 photo's so I probably won't show you them all. I will upload them tomorrow cause blogger seems to be very very slow tonight! Perhaps it is me?? LOL

I probably should have realised that visiting the Zoo wouldn't be Jere's idea of fun? I thought all kids likes the zoo - apparently not. But he did read every single piece of information about the animals so if you want some weird and wonderful facts Jere is the one to ask! LOL.

The girls on the other hand LOVED it, they LOVED all the animals and I was so proud of Livinia she walked just about the whole zoo on those tiny little "chicken legs". Her fav. animal was apparently the otters ( which is totally funny, cause those otters were doing what animals do in spring! making babies!) LOL, we were hysterical.

anyway, I will put some zoo piccy's up later when blogger is being nice!



Tuesday, September 12, 2006

RIP - sandy bunny

What else can I say?? she will be sadly missed in our home and by her remaining sister Sally.

RIP - sandy bunny

another day

Well I have been a bad blogger again, but honestly sometimes life is just more important!

I have some work in this months Stamping and Papercraft! Whoo Hoo - one of my cards even made it to the cover - gotta love that.

Life is pretty normal here. Kids at school (well sorta, lil is come with conjuctivitis - icky), plenty of housework etc etc etc.

One of our bunnies died though this morning, which was so upsetting, I am not even sure why? Poor girls. Luckily I noticed it was on its was to bunny heaven and called the girls over and spoke to them about what I thought was going to happen. So when we got home from taking Jere to school they were prepared and said goodbye. Still is wasn't very pleasent at all, them i had to take the poor thing out of the cage, and it had already started to go stiff! YUKKY! but I did it cause the girls probably would have patted the poor dead thing all day.

Dad is in hospital today getting his shunt thingy out, so hopefully he will be feeling better before we leave for dubbo on monday! YIPEEEEEEE!!!

Thats all I can think of, got to go and organise for a group of kindy kids to scrap! **** read - talk, eat. make a mess and kinda scrap cause they really want to play! LOL****