Saturday, March 28, 2009

a "beary" happy birthday ...

To Miss Livinia of course :)
Miss Liv turned 6 on the 17th of March, and I have been rather absent to blog about the whole adventure.
She was so excited, and really looking forward to her birthday party. We invited the entire kindy class, and celebrated at the local park. It was perfect.
Cupcakes, fairy bread, lollies, and sausage sanga's were the menu, with lots of water to wash it all down with. She recieved so many beautiful gifts, and the funniest was watching he open beanie kid after beanie kid - she was in HEAVEN!!! Not one doubled up - perfect.
Miss Liv is such a ray of sunshine in this house. I call her my fairy child, because she seems to float through life, always smiling and laughing and she is so so so EASY.
She loves music, singing listening and dancing to it. Quite often she has music blaring from her room regardless of the time. She is a very picky eater, with her favourite foods being peanut butter sandwiches, pancakes and strawberries.
She is an amazing reader, even though she is not quite through one term of kindy. She reads everything, and delights in learning new words. She also loves to draw, there are always piles of paper and pencils all over her room.
Tennis is the sport of choice atm, and in true Livinia fashion, she took to it like an old pro. She loves "smashes" the best followed by "volleys". She is so darn cute to watch.
We love this girl so much, our last baby, the child I prayed for two years for, my little monkey.
Love you baby girl,

Love Muma