Sunday, August 31, 2008

Friday, August 29, 2008

Just sharing!

It has been another huge week here, and I am thankful it is friday!

But I still found plenty of time to get to my desk and create, some is here

, some will be uploaded in the next week or so......

Tomorrow we are heading up the mountains to have some family photo's, I can't wait. They are going to be fun, intimate and so so so so not like a pixie photo! One of the mums at preschool is an AWESOME photographer, and as soon as saw what she did with the preschool photo's ( and lets admit they are HARD to get great natural shots!) I KNEW that Kylie was the girl for our family photoshoot. You can check out her work here If you are in the Lake Macquarie/Newcastle Area, I highly reccomend her - and she is a cool chick to boot :)

Thats all for today!! YAY for the weekend!

Love Lisa

Sunday, August 24, 2008

101 Posts!!!

That probably deserves a prize !! For you not me!!! Leave me a comment and I will get Miss Liv to pick a name out of a hat ( or something else) and I will send you a little something in the mail :)

Back to blogging!!!

Well I am home from the retreat, and I can FINALLY share with you the class I taught - it is a super cute Maya Road sheer album. I LOVE it, and thankfully everyone else did too ;)

It was so much fun! I love it when people are totally excited about the class, and come up to you after to show you there completed album - makes me happy in my heart!
All things are going well and full steam ahead for our trip to LONDON!!! We had our last lot of shots for the stopover (four nights) in shanghai, and I have bought some new clothes and back packs for the kiddies.

Can't wait Can't wait Can't wait......

and here are some stuff I have been creating just for the fun of sharing!

This layout was in Creative Paper not that long ago - I was lucky enough to get to do a tool challenge :)

Love Love Love this - arty and farty! This was for a challenge at LSBS

and my boy - I did this TWELVE months ago and it was accepted for publication my SM at the same time - it is finally in the mag!!!!

Hope your sunday is beautiful

Love Lisa


Tuesday, August 12, 2008


ahhhhh, my baby boy!!!

Some of you will know that Jere has had ongoing health issues since he was 5. Kidney stuff and other stuff....*sigh*
Well we have had to have a whole other round of investigations as the poor laddies has been having massive pain in his tum tum. They first found NINE enlarged/swollen lymph nodes in his tummy, and for the last few weeks we have been back and forward to doctors to work out what the HECK is going on.
So today we went back to the Pead.........and had some xrays.........then back to the pead......
and so far we have found Jere has a kidney stone, a blocked up intestine/bowel, and HIGH CHOLESTROL!!!!!!
His cholestrol is not from his diet, but rather his bad Genes!
So we are starting some stuff to clear the blockage, having some more bloods for his cholestrol then starting meds, and watching the stone carefully!!!!
This would probably be too much for some mums, but for us this is actually GOOD NEWS!!!! This is all treatable, and that is the bestest ever............and it means by the time we get to LONDON he will be so so so so so so so so much better.
Happy Day!!!

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

So Darn busy

Busy Busy Busy.........getting oranised for the LSBS retreat THIS WEEKEND!!!!!!

I am teaching again this year, and can't wait. I love teaching a big crowd!!!!!

But with work, and getting myself a chest infection, Justin being away for work, Pead appointments for Jere, and a suspect mole taken out yesterday ( ouchie stitches!!) , and my white blood cell count lower than it ever has been- I feel like I havn't been able to catch my breath for weeks.

I know it will all work itself out, but it is a little stressfull in the process.

Jus and I spent Sat night away at Pokolbin, our FAVE PLACE EVER!!! We did lots of wine tasting and laughing, and just having fun together - and even got to see Jana Pitman ( I can't remember her married name!!!) she was tasting wine too! LOL right next to us. Of course I had no idea and could't work out where I knew her from! I thought it might have been school.
What I dag!
anyway - whatever you do this weekend, know I am having fun!!
Love Lisa