Wednesday, August 29, 2007

my baby

Well when I look at this photo she is my baby! She may be four and a half, but it feels like yesterday she was born.

This is a quite normal look in the morning, cuddling a "friend" and just wanting "mama" ( love that she still calls me mama). But she is growing up soooooo quickly *sigh*

She even helped dad clear all the crap out of the front gardens all morning today, and she is reading her preschool homereaders *another sigh* too big too soon :(

Anyway, on a happy note ....... we are in ! the new house that is ! and it feels sooooooo good. Still unorganised, but just like home already :) Good stuff.

have a good one,

Love Lisa

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

LSBS Retreat

There is so much to tell you! Since last post I have bought a new house, living currently at mums till it is ready ( this friday), kids have changed schools, justin has been in the states etc etc etc etc

BUT the most bestest ever part was the LSBS retreat, SERIOUSLY the most fun a girl can have in a weekend.

There is so much to say, and so many photo's to download :)

So a quick round up.

Thanks to Cath for organising everything and being the best DT boss ever!

Thanks to Helen and Celeste for keeping me laughing all weekend you are just the most gorgeous girls and I feel so lucky to call you my friends.

To Relsi a fellow "softie" - love you darl

To Nicrus, you are such a beautiful chickie, thanks for being there when I needed a little therapy.

Shan, you are such a beautiful heart

PT - I just love you babe, things will get better I promise.

Altered (Nic) and Karen - loved meeting the both of you, you are so booked on my table next year ;)

Alison Shearer - thanks so much for making the teaching in an unusual situation fun rather than stressful! You ROCK!

I soooo can't name everyone :( It was just such a wonderful weekend and I can't wait till nest year already :)

Photo is of Helen, Celeste and myself muching around with the self timer on my camera, Just makes me laugh!

Have a good one.

Lots of love