Sunday, December 21, 2008

Little bits of my home........

Finally a few images of little nooks in my home.....

we bought a very old home almost 18 months ago now, with the intention of "doing it up"... it has been slow slow going. I am finally starting to get a little excited. We have so much to go, but these few nooks of my home, are giving me hope :)
Anyone who knows me, knows I love antiques and vintage styles. Always have. Even before they became fashionable. But I like a mix of stuff, not just one style or era, so my style is certainly ecclectic :) Bit like me I guess!!! Oh and I LOVE RED!!!!

Here is my foyer ( I LOVE that old homes have foyers) - I bought a vintage table cloth for $2 (which was stained) and cut out a couple of good bits and frames them with emroidery hoops.

The Tapestry of the two girls (which reminded me of my girls) I picked up for $10 !!!! the frame alone would have cost $100 plus - so happy about that purchase!! and the tapestry sitting on the floor my nanna made for me YEARS ago, and I have neer found a place for it....but it goes so well with the reds now.

Here is our dinning room - yep a RED chandlelier!! I wanted this when it was full price - but wait a few months and I got it for 1/3 the asking price originally!!! and our gorgeous dining table, was bought last year at the easter show, towards the end of the show, and the man who makes them just didn't want to truck it back to Melboure - another amazing bargain :)

This buffet was one of the first peices of furniture Justin and I bought new - we loved it, it was that yellow pine colour, and for years it has sat in our garage. A few weeks ago I found some white paint gave it two coats, them scrubbed it back, added some new handles and I LOVE it again.

A gorgeous antique set of kitchen scales I bought on ebay

Oh and o course I need a red polka dot apron!!! ROFL

And some framed artwork from my clever kiddies....and a red 70's rotary phone (found on ebay) and a typewrited (which the kids love and it still works) found in the local opshop for $5. Bargain!!!!

So that is just the start, a few of the bits of my home that I adore!
Love Lisa

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Why oh Why ???

Does this happen when I am trying ot get a couple of decent photo's of the Kids for Christmas??
I mean how hard is it to either smile, or look natural?? Seriously what is the world coming too ;) Love that they have so much fun together, they play, and tease and love....makes my heart happy really.
I will be back soon with a couple of photo's of my seriously wonky gingerbread house, and some picks of what we have been up to in our home.
Love Lisa

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Been home for ages!!!!

and no blogging!!

sorry, life has been so hectic.

Jere had his high school orientation, and Liv her kindy one. How on earth I managed to have two children starting such huge milestones in the same year in the same week, is beyond me!!!

I am really looking to the "big kids" finishing school in a week, so I don't have to worry about lunches, and uniforms and just concentrate on having some fun with the kids and resting myself.
My RA has gone insane over the last few months, and I am under a new specialist - but it will be a long few months till I qualify for the new super dooper injections. They cost $1700 per jab!!! which I will need every 2 weeks, but if I jump through all the hoops the govt want me too, they will only be $30 per jab - a huge difference and an affordale difference. Yesterday my new doc gave me cortisone injections into my shoulder joints. Which wasn't so bad at the time, but I appear to be part of the small number of people who it makes their joints worse for a day or two - it is so so so so BAD!!! anyway hopefully it will improve tomorrow!!!
Onto some scrappy goodness!!! here is a layout I did for a challenge over at scraptherapy, inspired by the sensational Miss Belinda V.........I so love her work, and she is the most lovely girl ( and might I add enjoys a glass of chardy)

anyway, I am now waffling....

so I am going to go :)

Love Lisa