Monday, September 25, 2006

Smelly sandwiches

What is it with Boys?? Don't get me wrong I love 'em. I have a husband that I adore, a brother who I think is cool and a Dad who is a legend.

But what is it with 9 year old boys who think that hiding their school sandwiches at the top of their wardrobe ( all 20 of them!) is a good idea??

Let me tell you his room just smelled divine after being locked up for a week while we were on holidays. YUKKY.

Why didn't he just chuck them in the bin? I would have never known.

Anyway, Jere has been banned from playstation for a week and had to move and stack 150 pavers for his trouble over the weekend. Don't think he will be hiding his lunch again.



Anonymous said...

You never know he may just find a better hiding spot hehe xxTina

Lee Morris said...

Have you looked under his mattress??? Then they will be flat and smelly - his proud nanXXX

fiona Leehane said...

Hmmmmm....boys are from another planet.....but they are just soooo darn cute:)....*fiona*

Kelley said...

PMSL!!! Gotta love boys huh!!! LOL!!

Tracey said... glad someone else has a boy just like that (was starting to think only mine came from another world!)