Wednesday, August 29, 2007

my baby

Well when I look at this photo she is my baby! She may be four and a half, but it feels like yesterday she was born.

This is a quite normal look in the morning, cuddling a "friend" and just wanting "mama" ( love that she still calls me mama). But she is growing up soooooo quickly *sigh*

She even helped dad clear all the crap out of the front gardens all morning today, and she is reading her preschool homereaders *another sigh* too big too soon :(

Anyway, on a happy note ....... we are in ! the new house that is ! and it feels sooooooo good. Still unorganised, but just like home already :) Good stuff.

have a good one,

Love Lisa


Princess Tamara said...

Scary, isn't it babe?? Mine is the same - she's counting down sleeps until she turns five! How did that happen??????

Narelle said...

Glad you are getting settled in your new home! And so glad you are back on-line! I missed you!!