Monday, September 22, 2008

packing and unpacking.........

Trying desperately not to over pack. Because I know there is going to be some SERIOUS Shopping in London and Shanghai!!!

So I pack, then check, then remove stuff, then pack again.

This week is all about getting the "jobs" done, stuff like organising for Freddie the Wonder Dog to be groomed and clipped, picking up visa cards, washing, cleaning, making sure there is music on the kids Ipods, chanrging DS's, checking scripts and medications, final bloods for me before the trip (oh the joy) and of course my hair done today!

Amoungst all this there have been kiddie parties and soccer presentations. My beautiful Godson Jake has turned ONE!!!!! Check out this cutie eating his Bday cake!!!!

So busy! but I am sooooo looking forward to the trip!!!!

And here is a photo of Littlest Missy - with my new so so happy with it. Darn those eyes are GORGEOUS - and I didn't even bother with PS.

Anyway, Justin is about to head out to Footsal ( indoor soccer kinda game) and the kids and I are about to eat some yummy shephards pie......hmmmmm.

Wait a minute - just a quick share, of a layout I did for the LSBS Cybercrop last weekend. Love these dodgy photo's of Helen and I looking rather worse for wear, after a huge weekend at retreat - check out our eyes!!!! But I love the photo's anyway, cause it is with the most gorgeous girl in the entire universe, and we had one hoot of a weekend!!!!

Love Lisa



Rachel said...

Good luck with that packing Lisa - seriously, you don't need to take anything, just buy it all there ;)!

Love those photos of Jake & Little Missy!


Shan said...

I am exhausted just reading your to-do list honey!!! Hope you enjoyed a lovely haircut today and look totally bewdiful for your trip! STOP PACKING, you know you won't need it and are going to shop your arse off over there anyway ;)

Anonymous said...

Futsal (not Footsall)

And yes you need to pack as you aren't buying that much over there (you know why!!!)

Love You


Belinda Venables said...

Hey there you!

I am so jelous about your trip - can you pack me? Please...hehe!

Love the pics and adore the layout!

Have fun packing and unpacking.


smauge said...

oooh - pretty backgroud! Very "scrappy"

Allison said...

Love the photos you've posted!
I'm packing today too - not traveling quite as far as you, though. Have fun!

Oh, and I love the new background.

Princess Tamara said...

Look at you two sexy things! I love the new background!!

Wirg's Creative World said...

Hi Lisa,
lol about the packing and the comment by JP. Your new background is gorgeous. Not long now till your trip comes around. Have the most wonderful time, and safe travels for you and all the family.

kerry said...

Wow nearly time to leave you lucky thing can i come too.Love the pic of your baby girl.And take a look at you and Helen great layout.take care Kerry xx

Deanne Stewart-Mills said...

love the new look of your blog Lisa. Uck, packing!!! Hope you manage some relaxing time in between all your to-do's.
Love the love pic of Littlest Missy. Yep, those eyes are gorgeous!!!

helenj said...

Im gonna miss you so much!!!!!:(

PMSL at JP's comment

Your blog looks hot!

The LO of us is beautiful but the photos are so tired were we???????