Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Been home for ages!!!!

and no blogging!!

sorry, life has been so hectic.

Jere had his high school orientation, and Liv her kindy one. How on earth I managed to have two children starting such huge milestones in the same year in the same week, is beyond me!!!

I am really looking to the "big kids" finishing school in a week, so I don't have to worry about lunches, and uniforms and just concentrate on having some fun with the kids and resting myself.
My RA has gone insane over the last few months, and I am under a new specialist - but it will be a long few months till I qualify for the new super dooper injections. They cost $1700 per jab!!! which I will need every 2 weeks, but if I jump through all the hoops the govt want me too, they will only be $30 per jab - a huge difference and an affordale difference. Yesterday my new doc gave me cortisone injections into my shoulder joints. Which wasn't so bad at the time, but I appear to be part of the small number of people who it makes their joints worse for a day or two - it is so so so so BAD!!! anyway hopefully it will improve tomorrow!!!
Onto some scrappy goodness!!! here is a layout I did for a challenge over at scraptherapy, inspired by the sensational Miss Belinda V.........I so love her work, and she is the most lovely girl ( and might I add enjoys a glass of chardy)

anyway, I am now waffling....

so I am going to go :)

Love Lisa


Marg said...

Great to see you back blogging girlie!!!!!I have missed you!!
Hope you start to feel a little normal again real soon.....
luv marg xx

Billing family. said...

Oh, so sorry to hear that the RA is playing up. Particulary at such a busy time of the year. Here's wishing you improved health - and access to those injections - for 2009 (oop, nearly wrote 2008...where has the year gone!!)


Devon said...

Hi, I saw your site and am loving your scrapbooking pieces! How do you do it? (what program you use, etc.) You can email me at: Thanks!