Tuesday, April 13, 2010

What our Easter looked like

This is what we were busy doing for Easter and Justin's parents farm.  Collecting eggs (chocolate and chook ones), feeding sheep - Miss Liv seems to be quite the sheep whisperer, loving on Kel the farm dog, working with Pop (also knows as following him around the farm alllll day), playing basketball, painting, drawing and lots more!!

Justin and I were lucky enough to head out to a beautiful town called Nundle about an hour away from the farm on Easter morning (after all the egg chaos of course).  Nundle has a festival every year at Easter celebrating it's history as a Gold Mining town and the Chinese people who came to live and work there.

So together we wandered the beautiful streets, visited all the stalls, and tasted some yummy foods.  We visited the mill and even watched in in action.  My gorgeous hubby bought me the most BEAUTIFUL cashmere cardi while we were there.  I was so blessed.  I had picked it up numerous times and put it back down - even on *sale* it was expensive... but my lovely hubby bought it for me :) 

We had such a lovely time as a family, just relaxing and having fun. Was wonderful.


PS Shame about the mountain of washing I had to bring home!


Tara said...

Sounds like heaps of fun!

Jodi said...

WOW LIsa, Nundle isnt far from me... a couple of hours away? Isnt it the most beautiful place!!!