Sunday, May 09, 2010

A big clear out

I *need* to make more room.

I am gathering more and more design and art supplies for my interiors course, and a heap of my crafty stuff is taking up valuable space.... and not being used either.

Of course I am keeping things I love, things I use all the time.  But there is still a truckload of things that could do with a new home.

I will post some piccies here before they hit ebay, just incase any of my online friends want them.

These stamps sets are all $10 each plus postage.  They retailed for much more, quite a few have not even been opened or if they have only one stamp has been used.  See what I mean? they need t go to a new home where they will be LOVED.

Please email me at pateygirl (at) tpg (dot) com (dot) au if you want to claim some :)

love birds - never used

Big swirls - never used

spring - never used

word fourishes - never used SOLD

They are all by Autumn Leaves and Retailed for approx $25 each.

There will be plenty more to come


PS - my blog is playing silly!!!  lots of links are not visable?  Driving me insane, think I might look at another blog service.  Anyone else having problems with blogger?


frills and spills said...

Hey Lisa - about your blog links. Have you tried changing the colour of your links? They might just be set to the same colour as the background cos they show up when you hover over them.

Jas xx

Lisa Pate said...

oh Jas!! that is exactly what it is :) You are a gem