Friday, May 07, 2010

Her new jumper

This girls LOVES knitted jumpers (kinda like her muma).
I *think* the fact that her nanna knits for her and so did I when she was  little one is the reason.  She always had lovely soft snuggly knits on.

If I ask her to fetch a jumper, it is always a knitted one. If it is cold in the morning, she will grab a knit.  She has been known to sleep in them.

So when I found this super pretty jumper in her fave colour I *knew* she would love it.  Even better I picked it up for $4 at the local oppie, and it even has a bag with it that perfectly fits one beanie kid.

Her face was so cute when I gave it to her "Thankyou mumma, it is beautiful ... and someone knitted it with their hands for me"  awwwwwww  (Except it isn't a hand knit! LOL).

So today I am just so thankful for a child who appreciates what she is given, who see's value in things made by hand, and delights in a warm snuggly knit given to her by a Mum who knows what she loves.



Helen Jolly said...

Wow what a bargain its beautiful!

Shes a gorgeous kid Lisa you should be very proud of yourself as she is like that cos of her mumma xxx

Sheree said...

Awww...isn't she just the sweetest thing! What a great find Lisa! Love the colour!

Sheree xx

ann said...

That is a real bargin and it is lovely...and your daughter is a sweetie !!!!!!