Monday, January 30, 2006

Follow me to the sea! Posted by Picasa

Finally worked out how to post some photo's !! Yeah for me ! Anyway I love love love this photo, christmas afternoon there is nothing better than an impromptu swim in the ocean, undies and all!! I can't imagine Jere being keen on swimming in undies for much longer. It was such a warm day he wasn't going to refuse.

I have spent way to long working out this blog thingy today, school starts tomorrow for Jere and kindy for Lilli on wednesday so there is heaps to do, oh well I have had fun!



Alli said...

I love that photo!!!

Trish Reed said...

Welcome to the blog world!!!! It's nice to be able to share with others in a more personal way than forums isn't it?!?!?! Love that photo tooo, lovely shot.

Anonymous said...

I have just been to Alli's Blog and she had noted that you have a Blog. Lisa congratulations on becoming a Blogger, and a very big congratulations on becoming a Master, I have seen your work in the mag and it really is lovely, I really loved your single layout I thought the colours and the stitching and so on were unreal. Anyway have a great day.


Yasmin Exley said...

Hi lisa its just your little sis Yasmin good to see your braching out into Blog World( whatever that is) i like the photo, very cute! Hope Lil will enjoy big school, we will have to catch up soon!!! miss the hours of talking to you.
Love Yas xxx