Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Kindy Girl

Well today was the day, Lilli finally started "big school". I can't begin to explain how proud I am of her. Lilli has always been our quiet child and I really wasn't sure how today was going to go. She was so determined to be a big girl, no tears, no seperation problems, she just went on her way. OMG she is grown up!

So now there are two at school and one at home. Poor Liv is going to miss her sister soooo terribly. I am secretly going to enjoy having Liv all to myself, already planning what we can do together. I really want this time to be special for her. I want her to enjoy some "Mummy and Me" time. I have always felt a little guilty that she has had to adapt to a busy family and that perhaps she didn't get as much time with me as Jere and Lilli did. Time to make up for that.

Tonight we are off to celebrate big school with Lill's fav, fish and chips.

Took some great pics today so I am really looking forward to scrapping those. When I can clear some space on my desk! LOL, I must be the most disorganised scrapper around. I always claim it is because I am sooooo creative LOL. I think I am just a "messy" at heart. Oh well.