Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Well after a push from the wonderful brooksie I am back at my blog. Thanks for the shove girlfriend.

Well life has been hectic as usual. Lilli's party was just brilliant. I know it isn't brain surgery but girls are so different to boys! LOL. We had three extra boys for Jere's birthday and it was loud and rough, but the girls ( eight of them) were just so...well.... girly! that sat and scrapped their little hearts out, and ate fairy bread and I didn't even have to break up one floor wrestle!

I am really excited on a work front because I am about to start doing some work for a beautiful boutique style scrapbooking shop at Wamberal called picture perfect gorgeous, beautiful shop. I am teaching 6 x 6 layouts using 7 gypsies, what more could a girl want. So if you are anywhere near check out the shop and come and do a class.

How is everyones scrapping?? I have taken lately to "speed scrapping" my version of no longer spending hours on every page. I have got to the stage that if I want to scrap for me it has to be fast and effective. So the above layout was done in 15 mins ( this is only part of it cause it is really a 11 x 8.5 layout. I even did two layouts on the phone today while talking to my friend ally. LOL. I might actually put a dent in the mountains of photos I have.

Thats all today......but if anyone knows how to get their children to eat ( not Jere, just my girls) dinner that would be great!

Talk soon - ( promise)


Anonymous said...

LOL - lisa - here is a TRICK (and I know it sounds totally GROSS to an adult) but to a child it works (well it did for mine)... put hundreds & thousands on everything LOL.... My kids (when they were like 2-4) used to even have "sprinkles" on casseroles, veggies LOL - EVERYTHING (you don't have to put much) and YES it does seem (gross) but it worked LOL...
have a GREAT day
Tracy W..

Trish Reed said...

Glad you have been back to blog!!!lol. Wow that store sounds terrific and the best of luck with your class. I too do quick layouts occasionally just for something different, it's nice not to take a week to do one. Love the photo you have used in the layout above, and what I can see of the layout it looks lovely.

Brooksy said...

WooHoo, congratulations Lisa, this is fantastic news on the work front, I'm sure the classes will be a huge success. Love the layout too, such a stunning photo!...Re: getting children to eat, I always cut things into shapes or let them write their names in tommato sauce, I've even renamed things such as Fruit Loops to Tellietubbies (because they are similar colours) and Honey O's Winnie the Pooh's, but that is of course when they were much younger, but it worked because it had a "name"...