Monday, March 27, 2006

My Girl

Hey there, don't some pictures just make you smile?? This is my Lilli, and both she and her little sis were absolutely obsessed with me painting their faces a few months back. Not that I was any good at it! LOL. So here she is as a tiger. A very cute smiley tiger.

Love this layout, just so simple. Really over layouts that take hours. I just don't have hours. Need to have more hours.

I am really excited cause I am going to visit my beautiful friend helen in a few short months, she lives too far away!!! Past Cairns even. So I am going to visit in June, little scared about the hurricanes, but I am sure I will survive. I just find I can really have a great break when I go there, lots of scrapping and chocolate........can't wait.

Oh and my wonderful hubby got me a new computer today! What a legend, even a scanner, so no more crappy shots of layouts! Whoo Hoo.....Love you J xxx

Thats all, hope you are all well???



Trish Reed said...

What a really lovely layout it's terrific. Love the PP and that beautiful tiger in the photo is so cute.

helenj said...

just read your message and i got tears
your my most special friend and i cant wait till you come here again
your layout is beautiful you inspire me
see you soon, break out the chockie!

Scrapmanda said...

Thanks for your comment on my blog - you're my very first!!!

I had actually been on your blog earlier today and saw the link to Alli Paterson's blog. I used to work with her husband Michael when they were in Qld. So will have to drop in there again and say hello.

Love seeing your work in SM each month - have just got Vol.7 No.8 today.

Brooksy said...

Stunning layout Lisa and your face artistry is far better than I could do, great work!