Monday, July 03, 2006

school holidays at last

I love school holidays! No lunches to make, no uniforms to iron, no rushing out of the house looking like a freak hoping that the kids don't want me to get out of the car!!! LOL!

So it is officially day one of the holidays and I had planned to just spend it at home getting ready for my MIL visit. Ha Ha. I rang Jere's kidney doctor because he has started bleeding again, just to get a script, but instead he wants to see him today and to top it off the referral has run out, so now I have to go to the GP, get the referral, then drive to gosford to see his specialist - true to Dr Rojers form will probably have to take jere for a blood test on the way home! GRRRRRR

I am teaching tonight to a full class and Have not even designed up the page! Boo Hoo!

Have you noticed that everything happens to us?? LOL.

Justin started playing indoor soccor last night, it was fast and rough - he totally enjoyed himself. Liv spent the entire game wanting daddy and made sure everyone knew about it.

Justins mum comes to stay for a week tomorrow - love it! we are taking the kids to the movies and to lunch etc. They always love it when liz comes to stay - in the words of Jere " nanny always has time to play lots of games with me, like uno and chess" felt a little guilty then realised I had no idea how to play chess so it didn't count!

Another layout of Lilli - at the farm, love the lounge in the background! couldn't be bother cropping it this morning!

Thats all from me.

Love Lisa

P.S. Hi Aunty Sharron and Uncle Ross !!!!!!