Friday, July 28, 2006

I love Fridays! Justin works from home, I teach stamping in the morning, we have "beano's" (strange family name for lollies!) and it is the weekend. Whoo Hoo.

so a quick update

  • we have two new baby bunnies called sandy and sally, very cute indeed
  • I have been accepted to do my certificate three in childrens studies (OMG homework)
  • not long till Kiwi scraps - yeah!!!!
  • My beautiful cousin just rang to see if I would be her bridsemaid - Of course I would!
  • Livinia asked her preschool teacher to "pull her finger" today, when asked what she would do when it was pulled she answered " a big poppa" LOL - I was hysterical
  • the grass is still green !
  • I have finally paid off my camera with the help of the government and a tax refund!!
  • I miss my friend helen
  • I miss my brother and sister -in-law and baby Ruby

I think that is the short version.

The layout is one I did of Jere ages ago, yes I let him swing on the clothes line, just for the photo's, very naughty mummy.

And if you havn't seen "Tristan and Ysolde" then do yourself a favour.

thats all for now,

take care, Lisa



Scrapmanda said...

OMGoodness - my DH does the "pull my finger" thing too!!! What a crack up!

Princess Tamara said...

Love the lo Lisa - Tayla has just discovered the joys of swinging on the clothesline, and we can't keep her off it! Little monkey ... lol.

Nat-Mardon said...

Hi Lisa, found your site through... someone's!?? maybe jasmine...

OMG @ Liv doing the 'pull my finger' thing at school - we do that one at home too - but at school! LLMAO!!!


Anonymous said...

I too love the LO. I thought my kids are the only one who are nuts enough to swing on the clothesline... lol

Anonymous said...

The previous post was me, Vita. Sorry, forgot to sign. - lol