Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Bothers arn't really annoying

LOL - well not when they live in London anyway!

Spoke to my little brother yesterday, nice chat, miss him millions - but thats cool. He might annoy me if he was here anyway! LOL!

He is such a cool muso, getting gig's in London - very very sweet stuff

Here is a link

check him out. It sounds so soulful and deep - not at all like me really. ROFL.

and yes I will tell you all about U2 fiona! but honestly what more can you say but they bloody rock. It was awesome. I don't know how four people can create such an atmosphere and such an amazing sound. LOVE IT!!!!


fiona Leehane said...

I'm totally green....i soooo wished I had of gone to see U2...

Steph said...

Wow your brother's music is really cool Lisa. Have a confession though - when I turned the speakers on, your blog page was still open - and so the track from your blog was playing and i was fully thinking "Wow Lisa's brother has a real U2 sound"...then I realised the problem ;o)

Louise said...

Hi Lisa
Ive come out of lurkdom to say Hi :):):)
Cheers Louise

kris said...

yes i would be annoying if i lived next door. was so great to chat - it put a big smile on my face just chewing the fat with you for an hour. what a top sister you are!

thanks for bigging up the tunes. it really means a lot.

u2 are the bomb. glad you had a great time.