Sunday, November 05, 2006

the penrith papercrafts festival & why craft knifes are dangerous!

**edited to show you the actual damage!, bruising just starting to come out!**

You really have to excuse my typing tonight, you see i am doing it one handed! Yep there is a story and here it is!

Well, it was day three at the paper festival at penrith and we arrived at the stand nice and early to get ready. It was about 8am and gill, helen and myself were busy getting organised. I needed something from my new AMM little tote, i reached under the desk into the tote and felt a bit if pain. I knew exactly what i had done, i knew i had stuck my arm straight onto my craft knife (with a brand new blade!), i pulled out my arm thinking, bugger where am i going to get a banaid from and to my horror my arm was covered in blood. Hmmmm, in fact it was spurting **not good**.

I managed to get helens attention, without falling on the floor and before i knew it I was surrounded by some very lovely ( and thankfully first aid trained people). They managed to get my arm wrapped and into a sling and the wonderful Michelle took me off to the local doctor. You guessed it, I had managed to hit the artery in my arm (on the underneath side). Ater waiting for an hour so the blood would stop spurting I am now the proud owner of one stitch, a ver deep wound and a very sore arm! I also got a tetnus needle for my trouble!

This post is sooooo long! sorry.

A few quick thankyou's

  • To michelle, for staying with me when they stitched it up
  • To helen, for not passing out beside me!
  • To cath, just for being so understanding
  • To all the LSBS girls who are probably all laughing hysterically now!!! LOL




Princess Tamara said...

Not laughing AT ALL babe ... it was awesome to meet you irl, and I'm so sad you stabbed yourself. Ok, now I'm laughing a bit, just cause that sounded funny! lol. I'll try and give you a couple of days with this before I have another cool injury story - you deserve it! I do still want to see my name in your blog list, by the way, but I'll give you some time to do that too, since you are now typing with only one hand. Luv ya!

Anne said...

You poor thing...that was not nice at all. Here's hoping (and praying) that it heals quickly.

Nat-Mardon said...

oh no lisa!!! that sucks big time. prayers for quick healing... and maybe you should have a COVER on your knife??

Shelee said...

Hi sweetie!

I'm just glad I could help in some way Lisa. I'm definitely not laughing though because I keep having a visual of what you could not look at flashing back at me. You were SO BRAVE today and I hope you are feeling better soon. Glad to hear you are home safe and sound. :)

Scrapmanda said...

Major ouch!!! Not a good way to finish off the festival. Hope it mends quickly and you're back scrappin' SAFELY again soon!

Steph said...

Oh my gosh Lisa, I hope your arm heals up really really really soon. In the meantime, make sure hubby and the kids take good care of you! I'll be praying for you :o)

Ms Zane said...

Big hugs for you. I really hope it heals quickly - you were lucky to be surounded by such wonderful girls. I am sorry though that you missed out on the lat day of play at the show.
Thinking of you. Zane xox

Cath said...

DUDE... it would be the only thing that I would change about the weekend.. cause other then that it was a great 4 days.. but I wouldnt change the fact that I got to met your family.. your kids are so cute..

You and Helen got to met Benny.. and that was great.. you all DID an amazing job over the last 4 days.. and well it would have been such a success with you not there..

Love ya.. let me know if you need ANYTHING..

Katie Toland said...

Lisa that's terrible! Hope it heals fast and doens't hurt for too long either.

Kelley said...

You nut!!!
So if we ever get together for a crop - will have to make sure there are no sharp objects around you!! PMSL!!
Hope you are feeling heaps better now Lisa!! Hope you can still scrap with it too.

Bon said...

Lisa you duffer, hope it heals real quick and stops hurting even sooner. Get better soon matey.

Tara said...

Oooh, Lisa you poor thing.

Get well VERY soon.

helenj said...

well you certainly know how to get out of work good chickie !
just jokes !
glad you didnt faint on me cos i was really close !!!
especially when i saw the blood on me too !
thats what friends are for .... he he !

Tracy said...

Oh Lisa!!!! You silly bugger!!! Glad that you are OK and not too badly injured.

It was great to finally meet you on the weekend, you rock lady!!!!

Take Care and heal quickly
Trac x

Anonymous said...

Lis, Sweetie you poor thing. Hoping you get better soon


Anonymous said...

A bih hug for you, Lisa. Hope you feel better soon. BTW, for one handed typing that was pretty good. No spelling misateks at all - lol. - vItA.

Anonymous said...

Well Lisa you have topped me now. I thought getting stabbed with an umbrella in a vein was bad. I give up you won. After all yours was an artery. I am glad you are ok though -

Love Mumxxx

Kim Archer said...

OH MY GOODNESS!!!!!! You were fine when I saw you! I turn my back for five mins and look what happens to you!!
Glad you are ok!
And it was great to see you for a quick catchup on Saturday

Trish Reed said...

Oh Lisa I missed you I was at Papercrafts and would have love to catch up. Time was very short though I do hope we catch up in the future. I hope your misadventure with the blade doesn't slow you down. LOL.
Trish said...

you do like an adventure don't you! glad you came through the other end ok! yes I am laughing but ouching along with you too..

Alison Shearer said...

Holy moly Lisa - that is awful.What day did you do this - must have been after I saw you on Friday. You're a brave girl. Scrapping is such a dangerous pastime. I hope you are healing well.

Alison XXX

Shelee said...

Hey sweetie! That bruising looks a whole lot worse than it did on Sunday. I can't believe it has come out like that! I hope it doesn't hurt as much now though.
Big hugs to you!

helenj said...

oh yuck i nearly passed out again !!!
looks sore
its amazing how much blood there was from that little hole though !
nice bruise luvie

Princess Tamara said...

Wow, that's going to be a pretty impressive bruise - I'm jealous!!

On another matter, have you EVER had so many comments on your blog before? Seriously, now you know why I have so many injury stories - you get heaps of attention! rofl.

Luv ya,

mishell said...

oh dear- poor baby- not funny at all- hugs to you :)
Loved seeing you, if very briefly.
Let's do lunch again soon :)
Love ya

nicrus said...

Lisa you are a classic! Who puts a craft knife in their craft bag standing upright without a lid on it.

God love ya girl!

Tracey said...

Oh Lisa thats just awful - and gosh thanks for the gory pic...that's ick - I'm with Helen, makes me want to pass out just looking at the thing....*shudder*
But glad that you're on the mend, and hopefully I'll get to catch up soon with you :)

And PT - you've got your work cut out for you on this one LOL!