Tuesday, May 15, 2007

I got an IPOD!

LOL - I love mothers day! yep got myself an ipod ( actually J and the kids did) and we got one for mum as well and she was totally stoked!

That was probably the best part of mothers day - or mayby the 18 under fives I took for kiddies church :) crazy stuff

the rest of mothers day was spent ferrying to and from the hospital as dad has ANOTHER BLOODY DVT, and one in his lung ( they found that today) - he is in good spirits we just want him well again. I HATE hospitals.

J had his birthday, but spent the most of it working ( YUKKY) and is still working at the moment, waiting for an 11pm conference call. The life of an IBM preject executive - hmmmmm. Did I say he was up at 4.30am this morning answering emails. WE bought him a mariners jersey and he was very very pleased.

We are off camping this weekend and I can't tell you how much I need to be away from my phone and dare I say it the computer ( actually J needs it more than me) Going to be great, just scared of going to the toilet in the middle of the night and leeches! LOL!

Oh and Yas and Ben had another beautiful Boy, they called him Beau Bradley - very very cute. Congrats guys!

I **LOVE** this photo of my boys goofing off! there are a whole heap in a series. Layout created in photoshop and Digi elements all from two peas. Noice and easy one :)

Do you think me blog needs an overhaul, what about a pretty banner - sounds like a plan. Might have to get some hints from my wonderful, talanted muso/web designer brother LOL! "Oh Kris ................."

Love Lisa


Mum said...

Thanks Justin & Lisa and kids for my I Pod it is great. Can do gardening while listening to music. Have put all my favourite music on is very cool....

helenj said...

HI LEE!!!!

this is another great LO lisa......very noice!
you will have to teach me digi one day
i still think you need to come for a visit .....soon!