Sunday, May 20, 2007

the watagans and another hospital visit!

WE are back, a little grotty but happy :)
I never ever thought I would enjoy camping, always thought of myself as a five star kinda girl - but I LOVED it! Planning on buying our own camper trailer now!
But of course it wouldn't be us without one trip to the hospital now would it?
So imagine , we arrive at the watagans with about 1 hour of light left, we get the trailer up and dinner cooked - the kids are excited because they get to sleep in their sleeping bags and they want to go to bed ( SHOCK) - thats cool with us, we get them all cozy and sit outside under the stars and enjoy a bottle of red ! yummy!
Kids are playing and chattering when we hear a goodness almighty scream and a "Don't Jere" and that horrible crying when you know something is wrong. WE rush in Liv is screaming and covering her eye - Jere is yelling "it wasn't me"
I put a blankie around her and cuddle her and try to look at her eye and she is screaming to "get the thing out" I knew she has scratched it ( or actually Jere had), but couldn't tell how bad, and not to mention by this stage we had finished the bottle of wine :( She fell asleep crying an we hoped for the best. ALAS, at 11pm she woke screaming and we knew she had to go to the hospital, justin bundled her up and took screaming child to car. Then returned 15 minutes later cause there was no visibility.
She fell back asleep and Justin took her to the hopital at abut 8am in the morning. i was left to entertain two children while it was pouring outside and I was so worried about Liv - we played a thousand games of UNO listened to my i-pod and drank cups of tea!

Liv returned about midday sporting a rather funky patch and some eye drops to stop here eye getting infected. She is great now just not to keen on the drops!
I will leave you with a piccy of her when she got back to camp!
Love Lisa


Nat-Mardon said...

Hey Lis!

Oh, poor Liv!! Can't do a holiday without a drama though huh?? Hoping the verdict wasn't too bad then.
I will have to add your blog to my bloglines, didn't know you had one :)
Sounds like you still had a great time though!!
Love ya, Nat

Karen L said...

You poor guys. So thankful that Liv is OK and that in the end you enjoyed your camping holiday. It seemed we often spent time at the hospital when we went camping when our kids were little too. If the weather turned wet or damp you could be sure that Pete would have an asthma attack.

helenj said...

OH LISA!!!!!!!
poor little liv her hat and eyepatch!
very cool look!
Glad you liked campimg .....told you that you would