Tuesday, January 08, 2008

A new year

and a new Look :)

and a new Look :)

Yep, hair has gone and I have got to say it feels FABBO. Now of course the girls want their hair cut *sigh*

Life has been busy busy busy with Miss Ruby( and her mummy and daddy) here from England, it has been bliss spending time with all of them.

I have decided that this was my year for doing a 365 day photo challenge, but not one of me eeeekkkkk! I don't think I want that many photo's of my head! So I am doing it a little different ( as usual) and taking some shots from each day what we did as a family. Sometimes exciting, mostly mundane - just us as we are. I am then taking the photo's and putting them into a photoshop collage for scrapping, in a very very plain no nonsense kinda way. So that will make 365 layouts! OMG I am SO CRAZY!!!!!!!!!!

Here is an example of what I am doing.

This is from yesterday. Girls creating, Justin getting back into work for the year, and poor liv feeling sick :(


Kelley said...

Love the new hair do!!! Looks fabbo!!!
I love your photo a day idea too - love the collage - thats an awesome idea!!! If i didnt already know that i just couldnt be bothered to take a pic every day - i am way too lazy!! LOL! I would totally do it!!

Tracey said...

Lookin good babe!

helenj said...

Glad you are having fun with your family from pommie land
Love your new hairstyle chickie ........very posh indeed!