Monday, February 11, 2008

Here we are

Funny, time goes so quickly.

Wasn't too long go we were newly weds, with a life time ahead of us. Planning dreaming. Now here we are, living the life we have chosen. Three beautiful children.

It will be our 13th anniversary in a few short weeks. I am amazed what we have been through, how far we have come.

Life has certainly thrown those naive newlyweds, challenges that would defeat most people. Chronic disease, a child with a life threatening illness ( all good now - no panicking people!), house moves - lots of them!, tonsillectomy's (SP?). grommet's, lots and lots of visits to just about every specialist you can imagine, miscarriage :(, hemorrhage after one of the tonsillectomy's!

But how much fun have we had???? Holidays ( lots of them), camping, beaches, wine! Kids and Family and Friends .Playing in the park, planning and still dreaming, dreaming BIG BIG BIG ( isn't that the only way to dream?)

I wouldn't have done it any other way thought!

ahhhhhh, isn't love grand :)


Ally said...

hey beautiful friend

Love the LO.. WOW 13 years and still so much in love.. how special is that.. we have just celebrated anniversary number 6..

its so amazing to look back on the crazy journey of life, love and realise how lucky we are..

love you honey

Shan said...

beautiful layout honey...congrats on the anniversary :)

PS: check out my blog, you have been tagged xoxo