Sunday, August 24, 2008

101 Posts!!!

That probably deserves a prize !! For you not me!!! Leave me a comment and I will get Miss Liv to pick a name out of a hat ( or something else) and I will send you a little something in the mail :)

Back to blogging!!!

Well I am home from the retreat, and I can FINALLY share with you the class I taught - it is a super cute Maya Road sheer album. I LOVE it, and thankfully everyone else did too ;)

It was so much fun! I love it when people are totally excited about the class, and come up to you after to show you there completed album - makes me happy in my heart!
All things are going well and full steam ahead for our trip to LONDON!!! We had our last lot of shots for the stopover (four nights) in shanghai, and I have bought some new clothes and back packs for the kiddies.

Can't wait Can't wait Can't wait......

and here are some stuff I have been creating just for the fun of sharing!

This layout was in Creative Paper not that long ago - I was lucky enough to get to do a tool challenge :)

Love Love Love this - arty and farty! This was for a challenge at LSBS

and my boy - I did this TWELVE months ago and it was accepted for publication my SM at the same time - it is finally in the mag!!!!

Hope your sunday is beautiful

Love Lisa



Princess Tamara said...

I love my Maya road album too Lisa - thanks heaps for the awesome class!

kerry said...

Lisa thats amazing how long they take to publish some things after they have been accepted.lOVE THE MINI ALBUM TOO.TAKE CARE kERRY XX

AGA said...

Luv what youv'e done with the album Lisa - I was lucky enough to win one of your class kits at LSBS and can't wait for it to arrive :)

helenj said...

Hey chickie!
the class was just the bestest, everyone loved it so much
you are awesome girlie and i love ya!

Tash Allen said...

I would have LOVED one of those class kits! the album is gorgeous. congrats on 101 posts! :)

Deanne Stewart-Mills said...

I love my album too Lisa. This was a tops class. Love the layouts too, specially the pink one!

Shelee said...

I absolutely loved your class at the LSBS retreat and I am so chuffed with my finished album! Thank you SO much.


Anonymous said...

Loving your creations! Must be so easy with gorgeous photogenic children ;)

Narelle said...

Your maya road class was just awesome Lisa! My finished album sits right beside my computer and I look at it and smile every single day!

Love you beautiful girl!