Wednesday, August 06, 2008

So Darn busy

Busy Busy Busy.........getting oranised for the LSBS retreat THIS WEEKEND!!!!!!

I am teaching again this year, and can't wait. I love teaching a big crowd!!!!!

But with work, and getting myself a chest infection, Justin being away for work, Pead appointments for Jere, and a suspect mole taken out yesterday ( ouchie stitches!!) , and my white blood cell count lower than it ever has been- I feel like I havn't been able to catch my breath for weeks.

I know it will all work itself out, but it is a little stressfull in the process.

Jus and I spent Sat night away at Pokolbin, our FAVE PLACE EVER!!! We did lots of wine tasting and laughing, and just having fun together - and even got to see Jana Pitman ( I can't remember her married name!!!) she was tasting wine too! LOL right next to us. Of course I had no idea and could't work out where I knew her from! I thought it might have been school.
What I dag!
anyway - whatever you do this weekend, know I am having fun!!
Love Lisa


Belinda Venables said...

Hey Lisa,

Sounds like you've been busy and still going to continue to be busy for awhile yet!

Have a fabulous time at the retreat!


kerry said...

Lisa looks like you have plenty of pics to scrap.Have fab time at the retreat.I hope you will feel better soon.take care Kerry xx

miss~nance said...

Hi Lisa Long time no see.