Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Shanghai and the search for clean air?????

That was the first thing that I noticed as we landed in Shanghai, where the heck was the sky???
The above piccy is a great example, this is almost Midday and it is a piccy at "The Bund" an old part of town with beautiful old French Buildings, can you see the far bank?? Not really?? It is only about 400m wide (approx) and you had to squint to see it!
I was expecting it to perhaps be a little smoggy in the morning, but not all day, it's kinda like you are living in low grey cloud........all the time. Feels weird. We have Miss Liv's asthma stuff here and she is on a preventative, but we have been praying like mad she wouldn't have an attack, Lord knows I don't want to see the inside of a Chinese Hospital (Hiya Dad!). She does have a croaky throat, but I am not sure wether that is from the pool or the polution???

and the PEOPLE..........thousands and thousands of them, everywhere. In cars, on motorbikes, push bikes, on foot - crazy. The streets are mad, with honking horns and scary driving. We even managed to witness an accident involving two motorbikes!! EEEEKKKKKKKKKKK!!!!

The kids have taken it all in their stride, not bothered by the noise and the crowds, battling the streets no problems at all. We are so very proud of them. They have also learnt how to say "no no" when someone asks them if they want to buy something! LOL
They are all little stars here, particularly Miss Liv with her blonde hair and blue eyes, she waves and says hello, and smiles for the camera - too funny really. She keeps saying that she is "very special" in China.

The above is a piccy from out hotel at night, we are up lovely and high, and as you can see even late the traffic doesn't stop!

and Below are piccy's of both the Kids and J and I at "the bund"............ We have a thing anout Lions I reckon....

Today is our last full day here (we leave tomorrow around 5pm) and so we are going to head back to Nanjing Road for some more shopping and even know how to say "cheapa you give for cheapa" Too Funny!!!!

Love Lisa


Tara said...

have a safe trip!

kerry said...

that smog is terrible makes you think how lucky we are in Australia.take care Kerryxx

Deanne Stewart-Mills said...

Love your photos!! That smog sure looks scary. Glad Liv was ok!
Can't wait to see more photos.