Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Welcome to January!!!

I love January :)

I love the swims at the beach and in (mums) pool

I love the end of the day when it starts to cool down, watching the kids play in the yard.

I love school holidays

I love pajama days

I love that it is my BIRTHDAY

so Christmas has come and gone, and it was quite a cruisy affair here. Which was totally lovely. Kids happy, we were happy - all good.

On a scrappy front, I have been taking a HUGE rest and just starting to get back into it all, which is very very nice. Doing projects I want, picking and choosing - very noice indeed. So no sharing layouts today, but soon, very soon :)

I am endeavouring (sp?) to do a 52 week project, nothing to complex. Just us as we are week to week. I have started taking and editing the photo's but I am WAITING EVER SO PATIENTLY (not) for my new printer .....hopefully tomorrow.... so I will share some of the pics I plan to use instead!!!

Here is the gorgous Miss Lilli - in front of a dump bin (and I so so so wish I could remember who I saw so this?? I am fairly sure it was on the front of SM......anyway whoever you are thanks for the inspiration!) WE were waiting for a new TV in the back docks of JB Hi Fi - it was hot, kids were bored, I was bored - then I spotted the bin....LOL!!!! She only stayed put for one minute, but I got the photo I wanted!!

and the girls having some seriously funny times on the trampoline with the help of a sprinkler - yep we don't have water restrictions here - though after living on the coast for years on level 4 restrictions I still feel very naughty doing this - so I don't do it very often.

Miss Lilli again, she decided a few days ago she wanted to sew....actually she had been badgering me for WEEKS, MONTHS even.....and today I caved in LOL. She wanted to do a stitchery (like I am currently working on) and thankfully her nanna gave me a whole heap of old transfers and we found an easy one and got to work - so proud of her patience!!!

Miss Liv, helping herself to three weatbix covered in sugar!! You should have seen my bench, she is so proud of herself though. As a side note she also made herself three peanut butter sanga's.

And Mr Jere, who hates his photo taken because of his teeth ( that makes my heart sad - we will be getting braces but his mouth is not ready yet) doing what he loves - computer time!!

anyway - it is a start..... lets hope I can keep it up!
Love Lisa


Billing family. said...

Happy looking kids there, Lis. Yes, we don't have water restrictions either, but hell, I feel awful letting DS run about under the sprinkler. I set it to a timer and justify it in myself that way!!

love looking at your blog!

Luv Paperdoll

helenj said...

Hey chickie
love the pics of the kids....they are so damn cute!!!!

Rachel said...

Gorgeous photos Lisa, can't wait to see them scrapped!


kerry said...

Hey there i hope you had a fab xmas and happy new year.Great pic of the kids too.Take care Kerry xx