Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Growing up.....

This little girl....started kindy this year.
It is amazing to see her in her uniform, all excited about the day ahead. She LOVES big school, I mean totally LOVES it. Justin picked her up from her first day (I was at work at preschool) and the first thing out of her mouth was "Daddy I love big school, thanks for letting me go". What a sweetie.
And today she can home with her first bit of homework - she was the only one who got some. They are reading words. And you would think being her mother and all, and working at a preschool I would have realised that she CAN ACTUALLY READ!!!!

I *thought* she was just "pre-reading" but um, no, the teacher has given her the first two groups of words (40 words all up) and when she knows them all she gets the third and so on....anyway. I was waiting for my big high school boy and thought I would see how she went if I showed them to her. SHE READ EVERY SINGLE WORD!!! I didn't help, or sound them out. She just could read. I thought I was going to fall over. Such a happy mummy moment.

Miss Lilli started year 3, and thankfully she is with her bestie Hayley. She couldn't be happier. He is my big girl and my bigger girl before the start of school. *love* them.

Jere started HIGH SCHOOL, when did I even get old enough to have a high school child?? I was so worried, and I could tell he was anxious (the tell tale sign was the shade of pale he was) but he was awesome, jumped out of the car and went. When Justin picked him up he had the BESTEST day ever....I was so so so so relieved. Jere continues to inform me that High School is so much better then primary. Thank goodness!!!!

I have some coolio work to share, but it is going up elsewhere first.....can't wait to show you what I have been working on.

Love Lisa



Billing family. said...

Ohh, it is so good when they actually enjoy it all. Big relief for you and Justin I'm sure!!


kerry said...

They all look so cute in unform it is a shame they grow so quickly.Take care Kerryxx

helenj said...

They look gorgeous Lisa!
so glad they have settled in well.......makes your heart happy hey?

lusi said...

Hello beautiful girl :)
Thanks for popping in and your lovely comment honey - its been way to long since i visited you!
Anyway, can't believe Jere is in highschool now! Time flies hey :)
Love to you always,
Lus x