Friday, July 31, 2009

Busy Hands

I love having busy hands, and find it hard when I don't have at least one project on the go. While waitng in the car at various sporting stuff or at school I always have a stitchery to do. I have fabric strips and needle and thread in my handbag to make fabric flowers (which is great while the kids are playing at he park). I usually have a couple of scrapbooking projects on the go, and now you can also add at least one or two sewing projects....

It makes me happy, it de-stresses me, and I just love creating.

Yesterday I really wasn't feeling 100%, just a yukky head cold, but enough to make me feel really blah. SO instead of doing my housework (icky) I grabbed some fabric, and a gorgeous pattern from the Janelle Wind Collection that was kindly RAKed to me a few weeks ago and started sewing. Something about methodically cutting and pining and stitching (even for someone who HATES measuring *ahem* me) that just feels good.

So here it is in all it's goodness. I used some beautiful Amy Butler fabric and a pre-purchased flower to finish it off. I am so pleased how it looks!!!

So then of course I had to make something else, so after a visit with Miss Ally last week, where she showed me a really lovely table runner she made, and many questions from me about how you make prairie points.... I was off and racing and created this cute table runner.

I am not sure what fabrics they are (opps!) I know some are by Moda, and I bought them in a scrummy roll (no idea on the correct term) that made them look so lovely I had to buy them!!

Not sure what the plan is today, besides cooking pancakes for Miss Lilliana and her bestie Hayley who have enjoyed a sleep over .... I am guessing more stitching and less housework!

Love Lisa


Rachel Greig said...

Gosh - love those projects!!! Makes me want to get onto the sewing machine right away!!!!

Allie Collyer said...

Wow Lisa they are both gorgeous! I can see you being stopped by a lot of people when you use your bag - they will all want one :-)

I am very stitching challenged but I'd love to do something like this. Might have to look for a kids kits or something LOL

Ally said...

Hey beautiful.. love them both! your prairie points rock! Love you xxx

Sami said...

Love your work!!! I know what you mean by busy hands...if I don't keep mine busy I just fall asleep...anywhere, anytime! The joys of littlies! Love your blog B-) Sami