Tuesday, December 01, 2009

This boy ....

Has had another rough day .... passing a kidney stone!!  OUCHIE!

He woke up feeling unwell, and vomiting and was quite distressed but couldn't tell us what was going on.  We got a little frustrated, and gave him a panadol and sent him back to bed.  A few mins later he was back, groaning and really stressed.  But couldn't explain what was going on.....

*knowing* he had one kidney stone, and also where he said the pain was (near the apendix) Justin rushed him to John Hunter Hospital.

The gave him nurofen and a bed and something to stop the vomiting.  I was stressing at home, because I know the history of Jere's kidney condition better than anyone, and usually better than the doctors in emergency wards.  Jere is usually the youngest patient they have ever seen with idiopathic hypercalciuria, sometimes they even have to look it all up!

anyway, My Jere is a tough one.  Most adults pass kidney stones with serious pain relief, usually a shot or two of pethidine.  Jere just toughed it out (which just quietly annoyed me, they didn't offer him anything stronger).  They did an ultrasound, and he has three stones in his right kidney, two in his left and one in his bladder.  EEEEEKKKKKKK !!!

We are heading to the very clever Dr Roger in a week to see what we can do.

In true "Jere" fashion, as soon as the stone had passed and the pain was gone, all he wanted to do was talk and eat! LOL  So on the way home, I filled his belly with his fave KFC - a serious no no with his kidney condition (waaaaaay to much salt) but by this stage I figured it really couldn't do much more damage :)

He is back at school, happy and for the most part feeling healthy as well.

Take care everyone,


Tash Allen said...

oh that sounds very scary. glad he's ok now. good luck with finding out what to do xx

Lauren said...

Poor thing! What a trouper he is to get through it like he did. Glad he is ok and good luck with getting him sorted for good.

Antonella Ryan said...

Ouch the poor little mite

Moira said...

Oh poor thing! I had kidney stones last year, as well as in 2006 and they are not nice!!! I hope he's OK now. Drink plenty of water!

The Billing family. said...

Oh, the poor bugger. I hope he is feeling a million % now.

Sam (Paperdoll)