Wednesday, December 23, 2009

it's almost here ...

Christmas that is :)

How are things at your house?  are you ready?  or are you rushing?

We are *mostly* ready, and just a little rushing.

Our schedule was put a little behind when during a bit of festive fun at our home with friends, I managed to chop off the top of my thumb. Ah, yep - that would be a HUGE chunk right off onto the cutting board.  Lets just say our new Mundial knives are very very sharp.  It was chaos, with blood spurting, me crying/yelling, Justin trying to stop the blood.  It has taken two days for it to stop seeping.  BLERK!!!

I was looking through my photo's and found this super sweet layout of Miss Liv, which I hadn't posted yet.  It is about one year old and I still love it.  She was all dressed up for a Anne of Green Gables party - so gorgeous.

And in other super duper exciting news, this man (my rather gorgeous hubby) has been accepted into Sturt University to study his Bachelor of Wine Science.  We are so excited, and I am so proud of him for following his dream.  So come March, this families got a few changes to get use too.  Justin will still be working full time, while he studies.... and it is going to be busy.  But I think it is also going to be awesome.

What does the new year hold for you and your family?? I hope it is good, and full of joy and love.

Merry Christmas,

Love Lisa


Clare said...

HAPPY NEW YEAR to you & your lovely family Lisa!!! wishing you a happy & healthy 2010. All i strive for this year is a healthy & positive year ahead & that all of my loved one's stay happy & well. Treatment that will help for my RA & to get some more of my work published would be a big bonus xxxx
P.S Congratulations on the DT post!

Elaine. said...
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Elaine. said...

thanks for sponsoring shabby


Mardi said...

Hi gorgeous Lisa.... just popping in to wish you a wonderful...happy and healthy 2010... much love Mardi

Just a little bit Crafty said...

Hi Lisa, it was lovely to read your comment on my blog. Thank you for popping in. I have been looking through your blog and just love it.
Love your Ali Edwards DDA, it has turned out really well. At the moment I am finishing off my album, hoping to complete it in a day or too.
Hugs, Irene xx

Moira said...

Hello gorgeous! Hope your thumb is OK. :) Congrats to your hubby! And your girl is gorgeous - she looks just like you!
2010 is back to work (part time) for me ... eeek! And having a 'milestone' birthday soon!