Wednesday, August 02, 2006

wonderful wednesday ??

Ahhh wednesday! AKA Hump day LOL!! I use to love the end of wednesday when I was working cause you were on the way to the weekend!

Justin is off on a training course this week, so he is leaving too early for words, it is just to cold to get out of bed. So I don't.

Had a great day today, got the big kids off to school then took Liv to a new group that has started at church for mums and bubs kinda like a playgroup but also with a focus towards the needs of mums and other women in the church. Had such a lovely time drinking coffee and chatting and all the kids got on so well. Next month it is at my place and I am in charge of craft! i love kids craft!!

Did my first half of an assignment for my course last night and felt rather proud of myself. Just now organising study time around everything else. Will probably end up taking myself off to the Library a couple of times a week so I don't have to look at my housework or desk or waste time on the computer.

Feeling mildly paranoid about being belle's bridesmaid cause I have had three kids and I don't really want to look like I have had three kids!!! you know that whole tummy not quite what it use to be, so I have started doing sit ups and generally eating better! won't last long, I am amazed when I was dancing full time I could to 200 situps without even being out of breath, it is a little sad now though!!!

I added a counter the other day to this blog cause I knew there were people lurking around and I wanted to know just how many! I was actually happily surprised how may people dropped in so if that is you please say hi!

off to organise some dinner.

love Lisa


Trish Reed said...

Oh yeah I know what you mean about tummies not being the same, mine after 5 is a write off!!!! LOL you will love being a bridesmaid anyway. Good on you for doing the scool thing lol. Homework and all.

Kelley said...

Hey Lisa - Thought i would say hi!!
Love that LO!
And dont worry about the bridesmaid thing - Im sure you will look lovely!

Lee Morris said...

You will be a great bridesmaid. I was still breast feeding you when I was Bel mums bridesmaid. Ooops milk on the outfit and all that kinda stuff. Can I hear my baby crying during the service???? That was me. Darn those bridesmaids dresses sure not made for breast feeding. But anyway it all worked out. You favourite fan.

Lisa Pate said...

Hmmmmmm, perhaps a little to much information Mum!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Lisa
Its seana but I cant log into my thing!!! Hope you are well. Your pics are luurvly!!! you will make a great bridesmaid. How many bridesmaids can say that they have had 3 kids and still look fantastic with a beautiful family to boot!