Friday, March 16, 2007

digi mad !

Yep, thats what I have become DIGI MAD I personally think it is such a good thing to stretch yourself and try something perhaps you arn't very confident with. I am having fun, learning a whole heap about Photoshop LOL! and really enjoying the process, I have so much to learn and I find myself wanting to know everything straight away!

The above layout is again using the awesome crazy cat studios "be mine" digital elements from the CD of the same name ( of course!). It is super simple, just a photo collage onto one of the beautiful papers ( which I fiddled with to get the colour I wanted!), add the white journalling (which has already been done for you!) one more layer to add the "distressing" and finish with a little journalling. Too SWEET!

BTW - the day we actually spent down at the haven was so much fun! There was even a SHARK ALARM, at the main beach, and no one could go in the water for about an hour while the choppers and life savers in their boat chased it out to sea! I havn't heard a shark alarm in years! We were calling the kids "shark bait" LOL - as we wern't at the main beach we let them keep paddling but only up to their knees!

So tomorrow is miss Liv's birthday and she will be getting a nintendo DS - yes I know that is a big pressie ( or perhaps expensive!) for a four year old, BUT - the big kids got them for christmas and I thought she wouldn't be old enough for one. Well, she is amazing at it, and that's all she wants - so that's all she's getting! third kids are sooooooo quick!

anyway, have a beautiful weekend.

Love Lisa


fiona Leehane said...

Digi Chick hey??
Im sooo going to have a go:)
Looks *ace*

Karen L said...

Great Layout Lisa - would like to spend some time learning how to use photoshop also. Happy birthday to Liv for tomorrow

helenj said...

how beautiful is this LO lisa?
happy birthday Liv:)